Eco Friendly Paint

Eco Friendly Paint

Environmentally Conscience Painters

At Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting, we are inspired to help preserve the quality of air we breathe and value the use of Eco friendly paint that minimizes air quality impact without sacrificing performance. Although paint is available in a rainbow of colors, not all paints are green. It’s typically a simple thing to spot the difference between an Eco-friendly paint and a conventional paint. All you need to do is just pop open the lid and take a whiff. The familiar fresh paint odor of a conventional latex or especially a solvent-borne paint consists of a variety of greenhouse gases and other environmentally harmful chemicals that are released to the atmosphere as the paint is applied and in the drying stages. Eco-friendly paints however, emit little or no environmentally unsafe materials into the air. 

Natural paints and finishes are made from natural raw ingredients such as water, plant oils and resins, plant dyes and essential oils. Additional ingredients are derived from natural minerals such as clay, chalk and talcum, milk casein, natural latex, bees’ wax, earth and mineral dyes. The oil based natural paints usually have a pleasant fragrance of citrus or essential oils, while the water based natural paints give off almost no odor at all. These paints are proven to be the safest for your health and for our environment. The “green certified” paint that we can apply for your special project has no or low volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that are harmful to our precious ozone layer. These environmentally preferable coatings have been thoroughly tested according to science-based procedures and are proven to work as well or better than others in their class.


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