10 Essential Tools and Supplies For Home Painting

Home painting

Many people find painting to be a messy, time-consuming chore. Doing a good job takes time, and when it’s not perfect, it shows. We’ve put together this guide of the ten essential tools and supplies you’ll need to make your painting project go smoothly and look fantastic.

Here are the fundamental painting tools and supplies

Before starting any home painting project, you’ll need to be prepared. This list will give you an idea of what to buy before starting your painting project.

1. Drop cloths

It goes without saying, but painting can be messy. You’ll need drop cloths to catch those pesky drops before they end up on your floors. There are several types of drop cloths in a range of price points.

Large plastic drop cloths are often the least expensive but can be difficult to keep in place. Canvas drop cloths offer better protection and are easier to work with. Look for canvas drop cloths with a slightly sticky side, which will keep them firmly in place as you work.

2. Paint rollers

Paint rollers are perfect for applying a smooth, even coat of paint. But not all roller covers are created equally. High-capacity paint roller covers can hold more paint, letting you finish the job more quickly and limiting trips to and from the roller tray.

3. Painter’s tape

Taping is often a time-consuming task, but it keeps your paint job looking as professional as possible. Invest in high-quality painter’s tape and an applicator to speed up the job.

4. Paint trays

Paint trays hold the paint you’ll use throughout the project and are essential to your success. Buy the largest, highest-quality paint trays possible. Look for large-capacity paint trays with handles that help you move around the room easily.

5. Brushes

Even if you’re using rollers to paint large sections of your walls, you’ll need brushes for more precise coverage around windows and baseboards. Cheap brushes’ bristles can fall out and result in uneven application–and they’re hard to clean. Look for high-quality brushes that you’ll use over and over again.

6. A ladder

You’ll want a good step ladder to help you reach the higher parts of the wall. Invest in a good quality one you’ll keep for years and use in various ways around the house.

7. Extension poles

Don’t want to climb up and down a ladder all day? A paint pole extender can help you reach the walls and ceilings easily.

8. Touch-up paint pens

These helpful little tools can save you time and effort as you paint and later on. Simply fill the pen, touch up little dings and spots that need attention, and replace the cap. The paint will stay fresh for years, so you’ll be ready for inevitable scuffs and scrapes.

9. Stak racks

Need to paint cabinets, doors, or wood trim but don’t have a lot of space? These handy racks can help you keep everything you need to paint off the floor and out of the way.

10. Paint roller cleaners

This compact tool can help you preserve your paint rollers to use again instead of just tossing them. It will make cleaning layers of paint off your rollers a breeze and save you time.

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