Common Painting Questions

Answers to all the common painting questions we get asked by our customers!

Common Interior Painting Question

1. I’m getting new flooring, should painting be first?

We are happy to follow your own desired sequencing, but honestly painting is considered a finish trade and we prefer to be the last contractors in. Flooring installations in our experience cause more damage to fresh paint, especially along floorboards, and often require a lot of touch ups which your flooring contractor will not complete. Part of our everyday process is to protect your floor and surrounding areas from any paint and we would handle your new flooring with that same attention to detail.

2. What part of my home will you start with first?

Typically, we like to work from the top to the bottom. If you are getting a full repaint, we would start on the top floor and work our way down to the basement. Ceilings usually get painted first, then trim, followed by the walls. However, sequencing is handled per job and we are happy to work with you on what sequencing works best. This can be discussed prior to your job start but is typically done the day of your job kick off.

3. How clean does the house need to be before painting starts?

We ask that you move all furniture away from the walls and gather them as tightly together in the middle so that we can cover and protect them.  If you start to move your furniture and notice a bit of dust build up along floorboards, trim or along the walls go ahead and wipe those down for us. That being said, don’t stress about having a squeaky clean house, just do your best to help us out when you see an opportunity.

4. Do we really need to take all our pictures off the wall?

Yes. We ask that you take everything off your walls prior to us arriving on site. You can leave the hook or nail if you plan to hang items back in their original spot.  Remove hooks if you want us to fill the hole and paint over it.

5. Do our curtains and blinds need to be removed?

Yes, everything should be removed from the areas that we are painting. If you need assistance, let us know so we can plan accordingly. We are happy to help for a nominal fee.

6. If I’m having my cabinets painted, do I really need to remove everything inside? 

Yes, paint and food are not a good combination. We ask that you remove everything and gather it together so that we can protect it using drop clothes and plastic.

7. Do switch plates need to be removed?

If you are doing a color change then the switch plate covers should be removed. Luckily, this is part of our process and we will complete that for you.

8. Does hardware have to come off of doors?

We typically tape and mask around existing hardware. If you are replacing the hardware, then we can remove the existing for you.

9. Can I use my kitchen during the project?

We try not to be intrusive but there’s no way around it. Your home will become a construction site and there will be a disruption to your life while we are in there.  With that in mind you are always welcome to use your kitchen as needed.

10. Do you clean the house when you are done?

We broom clean and wipe down surfaces when we are done, however paint particulates and dust that are in the air from the project will continue to settle for a couple particular, you may notice on horizontal surfaces like floors, countertops, handrails, tables, toilets etc. While we try out best to leave your home as clean as we can, after any size interior project you will likely need to wipe down or vacuum additional areas.

Please note, paint can take an additional day or so (more for cabinets) to fully cure, so if you notice a 'gritty' feeling on any freshly painted horizontal surfaces, it is likely that it caught some of those particulates and can be easily cleaned by using a damp cloth with water or Windex, no abrasive cleaners!


Common Exterior Painting Questions

1. When’s the best time of year to paint the exterior?

There are certain temperature restrictions and guidelines we must follow to ensure the paint cures properly. The general rule of thumb is that it needs to be above 40 degrees outside with overnight temps above freezing. The typical paint season here in Colorado runs from Spring through Fall pending appropriate weather. This is the best time to get your home’s exterior painted.

2. How do you prep the exterior of my house before painting?

We will prepare the surface by power washing the exterior of the home and completing any repairs.  Power washing and removing all the dirt from the exterior creates a clean surface for the paint to adhere to which will ensure you get a top-quality, long-lasting finish.

After the surface is clean, we must prepare it for paint. Paint does not adhere correctly to siding or wood that has rot or water damage. If you are doing the repairs yourself, be sure to have it complete before painting is applied.

This step could also include the following:

  • Covering loose nails/screws
  • Filling holes
  • Caulking
  • Priming any bare surfaces

3. How will my landscape be protected?

We protect all bushes, shrubbery, concrete patios, walkways, windows and roof lines as much as possible using tarps and plastic!  However, in order to safely paint your home, we will need full access to all areas around the house.

4. How long will my project take? My kids and pets need to get outside...

We didn't make it 40 years without creating systems and processes that allow us to minimize impact on you and maximize efficiencies for us while at your home.  In fact, our Owner has 4 children and a dog at home, we get it and don't want to cause any additional inconvenience for you.  While we always maintain a strict focus on safety, you and your family will have full access to your home and yard throughout the project, with as minimal impact as possible.  Simply stated, a standard home in the metro Denver area will take between 2-5 days depending on the size and scope of the project.

5. How do I pick paint colors?

As you consider paint colors for your home’s exterior, stick with what you know and love! Your home is your largest investment and by choosing colors that look good and last longer you’re going to be doing more than just protecting your house, your increasing its value and stretching your dollar!

Here’s a few things to consider:

  • Take into account the existing elements of the home and think about working with the underlying colors within that material.- i.e. your roof, brick, walkways, patios, landscaping and shrubbery.
  • Decide what color tone you want. Do you want something light and bright, mid-tone, or dark for the body of your house? This is the easy part as most of us have some sort of vision that leans light or dark, colorful or neutral.
  • Head to your nearest paint store like Sherwin Williams, Home Depot or Guirys to check out their wall of paint chips. Grab a few samples of colors that really stick out to you and paint them up on the home in several areas so you can see how they look. Paint can often look different depending on the amount of light that hits it.
  • Remember most homes showcase 2-3 colors. One for the body, the second for the trim and a third for an accent (think front door or shutters)

If you want more information and guidance check out this blog: How to Pick Exterior Colors or head over to our Pinterest board for inspiration

6. What sheen of paint should I use?

Most homeowners typically use a Satin Sheen on their homes exterior but we will consult with you on other options as/if needed.  If you have any sheen questions, just let us know.

7. What products do you use?

We use the industries best products from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Behr. Your estimator will make suggestions on what products would be best for your home based on it’s condition, material and your overall wants and needs.

8. How many coats of paint do you apply?

We paint by spray or brush/roller to all surfaces to achieve full coverage. Beware of painters who promise to apply only two coats.  There are many instances where more than two coats are needed.  Some painters will charge extra for these additional coats.  Our company promises to not only apply the coatings to meet the manufacturers mil thickness requirements, but also to apply the new coatings to achieve full coverage of the old color at no additional charge.

9. Do you perform repairs?

Yes, we do cosmetic repairs necessary to ensure a quality paint job. Your estimator will discuss potential repairs on site during your estimate and let you know if there’s anything you would need to address separately due to it’s size, difficulty or concern.  We strive to make the repair process as easy as possible for you and most of the time can complete while onsite.

10. Do you paint front door, garage door, and gutters?

We sure do! General painting procedure includes painting body, fascia, soffit and trim, including gutters, downspouts, garage doors and exterior side of previously painted doors per customer selected colors and paint scheme.

11. Do you require a deposit?

No! We never ask for deposits on residential painting projects, regardless of size. This is part of our Service Guarantee.

12. Do I need to be home?

We do not require you to be on site during your project. It is helpful to be present at the start so that we can review all scope details, color placement, and answer any questions you may have, but no sweat if you’re unavailable. Your project manager will be on site and updating you with the crew’s progress. They will reach out as we are nearing completion to set up a time to do a final walk with you on site to ensure you are fully satisfied with the work.

13. What do I need to do to prepare for my exterior paint?

  • We strive to make the painting processes as easy and stress-free for our customers but there are a few things you can do to help us out before we arrive on site.
  • Choose your paint colors. Make sure to put up samples in several areas of the house and look at them at different times of the day to ensure you like how it looks.
  • Ensure we have access to both water and electrical power.
  • We can easily gain access to the home (Gates that open properly, unlocked etc.).
  • Items near the home or on the porch/deck such as outdoor furniture, firewood, plants, hanging wind chimes, etc. are pulled away from the home.
  • Trees/shrubs/ivy/foliage are trimmed/pruned and away from the home.

14. What if something comes up and I need to cancel my signed contract?

No problem, part of our exclusive Service Guarantee allows you to cancel for no charge at any time and for any reason, no questions asked up to two days from your project start date.  We understand life happens, we're in the thick of it as well! And, just so you know, we never ask for deposits on residential painting projects, regardless of size.




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I cannot say enough good about this company. From the top down everything was communicated well and the end product was perfect. Leo and his crew did an amazing job on our home. I can't thank you enough. I will definitely recommend CCRP to all my friends.

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I highly recommend Colorado Commercial and Residential Painting (CCRP), I hired them to paint the inside of my house and every step of the project went smoothly. The initial visit and quote was straight forward and thorough. The office and Eric, the project manager, were awesome at communicating and totally flexible with my project start date. They were also completely reassuring and confident about protecting my newly redone wood floors and carpet. Abdi and his crew that actually completed the project were awesome! They were so thorough in covering everything in the house that didnt need paint and very detail oriented in the type of paint they used in the various rooms, even my basement stairs were painted with great quality high traffic paint specific for floors! The crew was always on time, work really hard, and every room looks amazing! Thank you so much for the customer service and pride in your craft CCRP!

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Working with Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting was a pleasure from the estimate to the final walk-around. They painted the exterior of our house and completely exceeded our expectations! I can't say enough about the painters (whose names I can never remember), they did an amazing job; arrived at the same time every morning, cleaned up every evening and were very professional. I recommend this company, and will use them again.

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