Commercial Painting Project Examples

Commercial Painting Projects and Costs

Pricing a commercial painting project can be tricky because of all the factors to consider. While the bulk of your painting cost will come down to the size of the space and project, we also have to consider the condition, material, color, and  repairs. In order to provide an accurate painting quote and elimate any mid-project change orders, we offer free no obligation on-site estimates.

Need a ball park cost?

Check out a handful of recently completed commercial painting projects here in the Denver Metro Area. We lay out all the details: cost, timeline, location, customer, material and scope for you to compare and look at!

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condo painting Denver, CO
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office painting
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Why choose Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting for you next commercial painting project?

 After many years of business here in the Denver Metro Area, we have uncovered that attention to detail, communication, and hard work is what you want out of your commercial contractor. We work tirelessly to ensure your commercial painting project meets and exceeds your expectations.  We only use the industries best products and our team of professional and expert painters leads the industry in quality and performance.  In an effort to meet those needs and take the pain out of painting, we have developed a very specific procedure we like to follow when tackling a commercial interior or exterior painting project 


We provide safe working conditions for all employees and Customers. We also comply with all Federal, State, and local regulations.


We maintain full General Liability and Workmanship Coverage and are committed to keeping a clean and safe work site.


We work with each customer to not only meet, but potentially exceed their exterior warranty expectations and give them piece of mind.