environmentally friendly paint

Environmentally Friendly Paint

We Are Environmentally Conscience Painters Environmentally friendly paints are defined as having no detrimental effect on the environment, nor on society. At Colorado Commercial &

commercial office paint color ideas

Commercial Office Paint Color Ideas

Now might be perhaps the best time in recent history to repaint an office. People have been working from home for the past year and

hiring a painter checklist

Hiring a Painter Checklist

So, you’ve decided that some part of your home needs a fresh coat of paint, or maybe you’d like to change up the paint colors.

best paint for house exterior

What is the Best Exterior House Paint?

How a home’s exterior looks is important for a variety of reasons. A well-painted house with a thoughtfully chosen color scheme and proper paint selection

painting house exterior

How Long to Paint a House Exterior?

When you’re thinking of getting the exterior of your house painted, you may have a few questions. The most common questions we get are, “how

HOA painting guidelines

HOA Painting Guidelines

Homeowners Associations or HOA for short, are found within many communities here in Colorado. They usually oversee and manage neighborhood common areas, amenities and ensure

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How Often to Paint House Exterior

The exterior of your home is the first thing people will notice about your house. Having family over? They’ll see the outside of your home

commercial painting Denver

Denver Commercial Painting

At Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting, we know the ins and outs of commercial painting. We can help complete your next project with our team

touch up painting

Touch Up vs. Repainting

As time passes, the condition of your home’s walls will start to lose its luster and you may start noticing more signs of daily wear

Best Time to Paint House Exterior

Time for a fresh coat of paint for your home? Maybe you’d like to boost your home’s curb appeal or renew an old, deteriorating coat

arvada painters

Arvada Painters

They don’t call it “Colorful Colorado” for nothing – this state has so much to offer. With breathtaking scenery, a wide range of colors, and

How To Choose A Paint Sheen

Whether its your home or a commercial property, there are a handful of elements to your painting job that you must consider before starting. One

How to Pick Exterior Paint Colors

Picking an exterior paint color for your house can feel overwhelming. The options seem endless and it’s hard to narrow down on a color scheme

The House Painting Process

While it seems like all of us will eventually try our hand at painting at one point or another, we often see exterior house painting

Paint Protects Your Property!

Painting your home’s exterior is a big job and for it to be a successful project, you will need to invest in a significant amount

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