Three Ways Paint Application Is Impacted by Temperature and Humidity

While many people paint their homes on a daily basis, most are unaware of the impact the weather can have on the final outcome of their labor. Keep these facts in mind as you repaint your home to ensure beautiful results that last.


Drying Time

Temperatures that are too low keep the paint from drying completely or at all, leaving you with a sticky mess. They also cause the paint to thicken which further extends the necessary drying time and can leave the walls looking uneven. Temperatures that are too hot can cause the top layer to skin over too quickly and prevent the underlying layers from drying adequately. This leaves them susceptible to damage. They can also make the paint bubble, crack or become discolored.

Paint Properties

If the humidity is too high when you are painting, it can cause the paint’s protective properties to break down. This leaves it extremely vulnerable to weather conditions and other outdoor elements. It can also add moisture into paint layers that are partially dry, making it uneven and preventing it from drying completely.


High humidity can cause the surface that you’re painting to retain some of the moisture from the air. This can prevent the paint from adhering correctly to the surface resulting in paint that bubbles or peels. The tragic combination of high humidity and low temperatures may cause condensation to form on the paint’s surface. This condensation can ruin the paint’s finish by resulting in lifting or even dis-adhesion of the paint.

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