Accent Walls: Give Your Home the Face Lift It Needs!

Accent wall
To answer your question, no, accent walls are certainly not out of date. They are alive and well within the decorating industry and throughout many homes. Whether light, bright, dark or dramatic, an accent wall is a great way to bring some personality to your space.

accent wall example

Where to place an accent wall

We often like to use paint to highlight an architectural feature within the home like a fireplace, built in cabinets/bookcase, a special room, molding etc. Take for example this kitchen by Style By Emily Henderson. They have highlighted the breakfast nook by painting an accent wall in a deep calming color that really stands out against the white brick.

While our minds typically associate accent walls with colorful paint, there are other material and options to consider. Wallpaper, tile, stone, wood and patterns can all be used to elevate the interior of your space and make it feel like your own.

Go Big and Bright!

You can go big and bold with bright eye catching paint to give energy to a space. However, take into consideration how our minds and bodies react to different colors and place them wisely throughout your home. Don’t forget to consider your alternative paint options like chalkboard or dry erase paint for a fun and creative twist.

Light unique accent wall

Stay Low Key and Elegant!

Accent walls can also be low key and elegant. They don’t just need to be bright and colorful to make an impact. Wallpaper is a great alternative to your basic accent wall. Not only can it add a punch of color, it can also bring in different patterns, texture and depth to any room throughout your home.

Speaking of patterns, people often tend to think that accent walls must be a different color than the others in the room, but you can make a very impactful space by focusing on creating a textural effect. Take for example this room from Burnham Design that demonstrates a tone on tone pattern. Here they have applied molding to the wall and painted it the same color which has added a beautiful dynamic element to the room.

Accent walls are truly a great budget-friendly and easy way to give your home a face lift.


Accent wall example Accent wall example Accent wall example


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