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House Exterior Paiting in Colorado

Time for a fresh coat of paint for your home? Maybe you’d like to boost your home’s curb appeal or renew an old, deteriorating coat of point. If you’re looking to change the exterior of your home, you should make sure it’s being done at the correct time ... but when is the best time to paint the house exterior?

best time to paint house exterior

The Best Time to Paint the Exterior of Your House

When applying a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of your home, the weather needs to be taken into serious consideration.

The general rule of thumb is that it needs to be about 40 degrees outside to allow the paint to cure. The temperature also needs to stay above freezing at night.

Most paints can only be used above 35 or 40 degrees. Painting a home when the temperature is too low outside can lead to:

  •         Easier cracking or chipping of the film.
  •         Uneven drying habits.
  •         Water spotting.
  •         Extremely slow drying time.
  •         Bubbling or peeling.

Lower temperatures introduce a variety of issues to paint chemically. Water-based paints are capable of freezing if the temperature is too low. Low temperatures in oil-based paints can increase viscosity and make them more difficult to apply.

Most paints are made to be used only within a certain temperature threshold. Using the paint within these parameters allows the paint to cure properly and avoid any aforementioned problems.

avoid rain when painting home exterior

Avoid Precipitation

Colorado is famous for its peculiar and unpredictable weather. It seems to snow, hail, or rain at nature’s leisure.

Painting during the colder months increases the chance for these sorts of weather. Any sort of precipitation can introduce problems when painting a home’s exterior.

If it rains while your home is being painted, the paint can potentially wash off if not dried fully. It’s also not ideal to paint when the surface is wet, as the paint won’t stick properly.

Hail and snow also introduce similar effects. In short, don’t paint the exterior of your home when it’s wet outside. 

Can It Be Too Hot Outside?

Occasionally, when the temperature gets too high, it can have the same damaging effects on exterior paint.

  •         Best case scenario – the paint dries quickly.
  •         Worst case scenario – the paint dries improperly and cracks or peels.

Though the bitter cold presents a much larger problem, a rogue heatwave can also cause damage.

So When’s The Best Time?

Painting professionals like those at Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting say that the best time to paint your home’s exterior is between late April and early October. Painting during these months decreases the chances of the aforementioned negative effects.

The window starts in late April to avoid any of the precipitation common with the spring months. The National Weather Service reported that Colorado received well below normal proportions of rain in the spring of 2020.

If that pattern is likely to continue into 2021, painting the exterior of your home during the spring months becomes an even better idea.

After May, the mid-summer months are the best time to paint your home. There is low precipitation, high temperature, and plenty of sunshine. All of these combined allow the paint to dry and cure exactly as intended.

The window to paint ends in early October, as that is when temperatures begin to drop and precipitation becomes more likely. It’s during this time that temperatures begin to fall to below-freezing at night.

Painting your home during this window, from late April to early October, will lead to the best results. Doing so reduces the risks associated with exterior paint.

Weather Varies

Colorado weather is weird. It’s possible to be in a sunny, warm Arvada and then drive twenty minutes to a cold, rainy Wheat Ridge. Anytime you begin taking on an outdoor painting project, checking the local weather should be the very first step. 

Don’t be taken by surprise when a rainstorm hits in the middle of July and ruins a paint job. Avoid the situation altogether.

exterior residential painting

How to Get Started On an Exterior Painting Project

As stated above, the first step is checking the weather.

If the local weather calls for clear skies, no precipitation, and relatively high temperature, you should be able to get started on the exterior painting.

But there are several important steps to take before ever touching a brush to your home.

  •         Clean the exterior of your house
  •         Remove and chipped or damaged paint
  •         Patch holes and leaks in the exterior

By taking all these steps you decrease the likelihood of eventual damage to the paint.

Buying the Right Paint

When painting the exterior of your home, the type of paint you use is just as important as the method in which you use it.

The consensus is that latex-based paints are optimal for outdoor projects. This is for several reasons. Latex paints dry quicker, expand easier, and are easier to clean and fix.

There are also many types of finishes to consider. These include satin, flat, and gloss: all have different pros and cons.

Hiring a Professional Exterior Painter

Painting the exterior of a home is a huge project, specifically for an individual. It can include work on tall ladders, long days in the sun, and the possibility of making a giant mess. It can even be dangerous. 

It’s possible to put all of the work in yourself and end up with a paint job that you’re not too happy with.

If painting the exterior of your home sounds like a job that’s too big to take on yourself, don’t be worried. There’s a reason companies dedicate themselves to perfecting this craft. These companies will do all of the work that you are unable to do, and it often results in a better paint job. 

For example, Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting has been serving the Denver-metro area for over 38 years. We will take on your exterior painting project and help you avoid altogether the headache that accompanies painting your home. We are currently providing services in:

  •         Arvada
  •         Superior
  •         Broomfield
  •         Wheat Ridge
  •         Golden
  •         Westminster
  •         Louisville

If you’re living in one of these areas and are looking to start and painting project, contact us for a free quote. We will work with you to plan the best time to paint the house exterior.


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