Colorado Commercial to Improve Safety

Here at Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting we like to do our part in helping the community.

Typically you can find us spreading joy via color across all walks of commercial painting interiors and exteriors. Some of our favorite projects fall into a different realm of helping, they fall into the category of helping out those who help or objects that help.

university of colorado denver paintingCommercial Painting for a Bigger Cause

Soon we will be working on a commercial painting project that covers the exterior of a medical center in Denver’s Sloan’s Lake area.

However, before we tackle that we lent a helping hand to a smaller project that also carries with it a good cause.

Commercial Painting at Denver Schools

The small project we recently completed was painting the emergency beacons on one of the residential campuses of the University of Colorado in Denver.

These beacons received a healthy coat of Sherwin-Williams commercial industrial finish. The aptly named “Safety Red” will hopefully serve a bigger cause in keeping students safe as the school season gives way to the summer and the following academic year.

Colorado Commercial for Safety

We love the idea that one of our small projects will go a long way in keeping students in Denver safe.

If your school is looking to spread some colorful safety reminders around campus please give us a call and we can learn about your ideas.

We look forward to working more with other universities from Denver to Boulder and doing our small part in promoting a safe place for all studies!

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