Crucial Maintenance Tasks to Keep Your Industrial Facility in Top Condition

Your industrial facility can only perform adequately to protect your business and shield operations from the elements when it’s in top condition. The right industrial coatings can help protect your facility’s exterior from corrosion, pollution, the elements, high temperatures and more. To ensure long-term performance, the following maintenance tasks should be performed on a regular basis:

Inspect the Exteriors

Inspecting your industrial facility on an annual basis is critical. There are many factors that can damage the exterior, including ultra-violet radiation, winds, storms, high temperatures and more. Carefully inspecting your industrial facilities, looking for the following signs of deterioration:

• Discoloration such as chalking
• Faded paint color
• Erosion of industrial coatings
• Damage from accumulation of pollutants
• Peeling or chipping of the surface

If you discover any signs of the above, it’s time to consult with your industrial paint supplier about proper maintenance of your facility’s exterior.

Keep It Clean

The exterior of your facility is exposed to many kinds of dirt and debris that can hasten degradation. Dirt and oils from smoke stacks, machinery, traffic and the environment can cause a lot of damage to the structures, including rust and corrosion. To prevent this, periodically clean the outside of your facilities. Pressure washing is often the best way to remove dirt and oils and prepare the surfaces for new paints or industrial coatings. This is also an environmentally friendly cleaning method since it doesn’t require potentially harmful chemicals.

Recoat When Necessary

If your industrial facility inspection reveals signs of coating damage or paint degradation, it may be time to recoat the facility. Because recoating your industrial facility will be a complex operation, consulting with a company that specializes in exterior paints is your best bet.

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