Extend Your Company’s Brand with a New Commercial Painting Project

Extend your company's brand with a new commercial painting project!  Your company’s brand is something intangible, yet it plays an integral role in how consumers view your business. You want to develop a brand so that you distinguish your company from others in the same industry. For instance, there are numerous restaurants out there, including huge chains, so you want to differentiate yourself from the competition. Naturally, a brand is a not a substitute for providing great products, but a strong brand with a good reputation is a great way to increase revenue. Painting your building is one step toward that goal.


 For starters, you want to extend your company's brand with a new commercial painting project, paint your building something eye-catching and unique. You do not want people to confuse your business with something else. As an example, McDonald’s buildings usually incorporate red and yellow into the color scheme. Red and yellow are common for many fast food restaurants. If you own a similar establishment, then you may want to think of using something similar but unique. Perhaps you could use red and white to have a more distinct brand.


You also want to use the same colors for every aspect of your business. For example, if you have blue and green on the exterior of your building, then you would want to use the same colors for the header on your company’s stationary. Every component plays a role in establishing your company from everyone else.


Finally, you want the colors to be clear and concise. The colors on the building’s siding should flow naturally with the sign you have out front. You do not want to create a jarring effect by having drastically different aesthetics.

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