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Interior House Painters Denver

Your Denver home is one of your biggest assets. Not to mention, it’s the place that you are free to make all your own. Creating functionality in your Denver home can take on a whole new meaning when you pair it with the aesthetic and design that matches your lifestyle. Interior paint is one of the most essential components to making a house feel like a home. Colorado Commercial and Residential Painting wants to help customize your space with the best interior painting.

With over 30 years of experience in Denver interior painting, wood staining, drywall repair, texturing, and specialty coats we are confident in tackling a job of any size. Our staff of experienced and skilled professional Denver painters is equipped to give you a color consult and help truly shape and define your home with the colors that accentuate your beautiful space. Here are some things you should know before hiring a professional painter.

Interior House Painters Denver


Interior House Painting

When it comes to our homes, most prefer to set the tone of decor through the interior paint. However, our preferences change almost as quickly as the seasons. Fortunately, paint can be an easy facelift, upgrade, or simple swap-out so long as you know exactly how to tackle interior house painting. Still, professional painters like Colorado Commercial and Residential Painting can help you cut down time spent on interior paint jobs and overall costs. Want to know how? We’re giving you all the details.

Interior House Painters Denver

Residential Painting Contractor in Denver

Professional painting is much more than dropping a few coats on your walls. Hiring expert residential painting contractor, Colorado Painting, can help you cut costs and reduce expenses while still achieving a beautiful quality product. Our background and years of experience allow us to properly assess any property, building, or structure and determine what is needed to complete your Denver house painting.

Our Denver interior house painters tackle a wide variety of projects with our high-quality interior painting services:

  • Trim
  • Ceilings
  • Popcorn Removal
  • Cabinets
  • Spraying
  • Roll & Brush
  • Specialty Coating
  • Stains
  • Wall Repairs
  • Free Color Consultation

At Colorado Commercial Residential Painting, we offer an exclusive 5-year no exclusions warranty for all Denver residential painting projects, including surrounding areas. 

Experience Denver Interior House Painters

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Our Residential Painting Process

We are a highly rated as interior painters Denver with over three decades of experience and vast knowledge of paint services. Our Denver residential painters follow a very specific procedure when tackling home paint job. With our team, we work to highlight areas that require fixes or repairs and we help execute your vision and design in your Denver home.

What you can expect with our residential painting process:

  • Assessment and communication of the needs of your home during the free estimate.
  • Providing a comprehensive proposal detailing the job scope and requirements.
  • Protecting the room by putting down drop cloths and masking off areas that are not getting painted.
  • Preparing the surfaces to include:
    • Putting small holes
    • Repair or replace damaged drywall
    • Caulking
    • Taping and sanding
  • Primer to ensure proper protection and adhesion from the substrate to the superior topcoat system.
  • Painting (We offer color consultation)
  • Unmasking & Cleaning
  • Final Walk-Through Inspection

If you’re considering a convenient and affordable way to transform your home into an exciting new space, consider a residential paint job with Colorado Commercial and Residential Painting. We handle all jobs with precision and efficiency.

Choosing a color of paint

Interior House Painters Denver

In general, our professional interior house painters usually recommend neutral tones for interior house paint, especially if your desired areas are the common rooms like the living room, kitchen, and hallways.

When you think of neutral colors, you might think up bland, unimaginative spaces with little style or character. However, when done right, neutrals can offer a range of interior decor possibilities. In fact, neutral colors like gray, taupe, brown, beige, or off-white can bring balance, continuity from room to room, and serve as an ideal backdrop for your beautiful accent furniture.

The beauty of any paint choice lies in its versatility. Anymore, paint comes in a variety of shades, tones, and textures, so even the most subtle options can transform your space. That said, as experienced interior house painters, we realize everyone’s preference and style is different. We’re happy to recommend styles, brands, and types of paint that best suit your interior needs.

Assessing interior painting needs

Next, you need to take some time to assess. While you’re choosing your paint palette, it’s important to consider the number of rooms, and the differences between the current paint and the new selection.

Why is this important? If you’re changing the paint color from a deep red to an off-white, it stands to reason that you’ll need multiple coats so the red doesn’t accidentally seep through. Estimating this portion of work can be quite difficult, especially if you’ve never encountered it before.

Further, you should also assess the rooms in which the new paint will be applied. You’ll want to look out for damages to the walls that will require attention and fixing, plus, you’ll need to know if cleaning will be a requirement. As a rule of thumb, clean anyway.

These factors are essential. One wrong step can lead to paint bubbling, chipping, or even the wrong colors altogether. Fixing mistakes is one of the most costly aspects of DIY home improvement.

Interior house painting equipment

One of the best parts about hiring a 5-star, experienced Denver painting company, like Colorado Painting, is you won’t need to worry about equipment. Tackling painting job as a DIY method can be costly for a number of reasons, but mostly as a result of not having access to high-quality equipment. Luckily, our interior house painters come prepared to work and can provide you with the best quality house paint job. We have everything on-hand, including:

  • Ladders
  • Drop cloths
  • Rollers / Paintbrushes
  • Masks
  • Clothes
  • Tape
  • Expert paint brushes
  • Finishing equipment

Our job is to protect your home while we give it a face lift. During our setup process, we will always ensure that your home is well protected and that when finished, it is cleaned-up and restored to its original condition.

Interior House Painters Denver

Regardless of who you decide to hire for your Denver interior paint job, it’s important to be aware of some important details. Remember, knowing what to expect and how techniques are handled will be important. No matter what others may say, there is a technique for interior painting. Here are some of our tips from an experience interior house painting team:

  • Avoid lap marks: lap marks are created when there’s too much overlap, thus causing paint build up in some spots and less in others. The end result is uneven and downright ugly.
  • Tape all your walls before you start the project. It’s a hassle to start and stop, not to mention your paint can begin to dry and differences in coloring start occurring.
  • Paint the trim first, then the ceiling and walls. Getting paint from the trim on the walls is much easier to cover up than the other way around.
  • Remember to prime and texture wall patches before painting. The reason this is critical is you’ll avoid unevenness and differences in texture and/or color. The point is to cover damages, rather than make them stand out.
  • Clean your walls. Most people forget or skip over this step. Truth is, our walls can get quite grimey, dusty, and dirty over months of use. Cleaning walls ensure you don’t paint any dust bunnies into the surface.

Interior House Painters Denver

Hire professional interior house painters

In our experience, choosing a professional painting company like Colorado Commercial and Residential allows you to enjoy peace of mind that your interior house painting will be done properly and with great attention to detail.

Our finished products speak for themselves. We’re well versed in different paint styles, colors, and overall finishes. We can cut your costs by eliminating the mistakes that often go with DIY paint jobs. Further, for the reasons listed above, the process is grueling. Instead, select a trustworthy painting company that will give your space a needed upgrade without the headache.

We offer interior house painting estimates. Give us a call today (303) 573-1740.