How to Enhance Commercial Spaces on a Budget

How to Enhance Commercial Spaces on a Budget

Making your commercial space look unique and individual to your business is an important aspect of building your image. While you want this space to look updated and professional, you also want it to be inviting and modern. With many businesses running on tight budgets the way it is, finding ways to fit these upgrades or enhancements into your budget can be difficult.

There are a number of different ways to update – or even overhaul – a space without emptying out your business account. It’s just a matter of getting creative with the space you have, and performing the updates that will give you the most bang for your buck. From a few simple coats of paint to performing cosmetic updates to the other elements in your space, you can have your commercial area looking brand new in no time.

Get a Plan & Prioritize

A crucial step in improving any space is to formulate a plan before getting started. When looking to enhance a commercial space, this starts with identifying the most important areas that need improvement, and prioritizing those spaces based on how they’ll impact the clients that will be coming through your office every day. Once you know the overall spaces, you’ll be able to get a better view at what the changes will cost, and a timeline for getting the changes made. Don’t be afraid to get help from a professional. Many people can get insight on cost saving methods from experts in commercial painting in Denver that can really make a difference.

By creating a detailed plan that highlights the changes you want to make, it can give you a jump on all of the costs that you might incur through the process. Knowing which spaces will take priority in your commercial space will better allow you to allocate resources – particularly if you don’t have the budget to knock out all of the changes in one fell swoop. Prioritizing the changes will also offer insight into where costs might be able to be trimmed to get all of your changes made.

Do Less Expensive Improvements First

Before diving into the deep end as far as expenses go, take care of the easy stuff first. Many people are surprised by how a fresh coat of paint can dramatically transform a commercial space. Commercial painters can give insight into what colors to use to make a particular area appear more spacious. You also don’t have to paint an entire room, as an accent wall can offer an interesting visual piece to any space. Along with painting, another thing that can be done quickly and easily is replacement or upgrading of light fixtures. Getting the right energy-efficient bulbs can help brighten a space, deliver a more inviting atmosphere, and save some money on utility bills.

Another way to freshen up your space is to update your décor. This doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Many people create their own artwork or decorative items to give the space an individual look that’s specifically unique to you. There are also a number of places to get affordable furniture and décor, from auctions and other online marketplaces to thrift stores. Use a little creativity to find pieces that give your space character.

Give Your Current Space a Thorough Review

Sometimes clearing out unnecessary clutter can make a world of difference. By getting rid of some of the excess items in a space, it can make the area look more spacious, as well as more organized. Cut the visual distractions down to a minimum, and it can really change the look of a space. That doesn’t mean the place has to be completely bare. Decluttering the space can make it look roomy, and adding plants can give a more pleasing environment. You also might be able to repurpose some of the current things you already have. Giving old furniture a fresh look through a coat of paint or other upgrades can also do wonders.

While you’re looking over the space, check out the window treatments. Things like curtains and blinds are easy to upgrade, and can significantly enhance the space’s atmosphere. Touch ups like these can go a long way in making a place look new and vibrant. Window treatments are an inexpensive option to upgrade, and can completely change the overall look to a space.

Make Your Space Part of the Community

While trying to get the most out of your area, it’s important to make sure it fits in with your surroundings. Having your commercial space fit in with other design elements from the surrounding area can go a long way in making it memorable. Whether it’s utilizing a palette of paint colors that matches the surrounding area, or utilizing some of the common themes in your signage, this can really hit close to home with the people visiting your space.

One way to potentially get some wonderful artwork on the walls of your commercial space is to collaborate with local artists. Set up a partnership with them to display some of their work in your space. This will give your space a unique look with a local vibe that’s individual to the area where you work. This also supports the local art community, putting their images out in front of the public. It might also be an inexpensive way to get some sharp artwork in your office space while creating a partnership that could get the word out about your business, as well.

There are a number of ways to make your space seem new again without breaking the bank. All workspaces need to look modern, and they also need an air of professionalism without sacrificing your individuality. You want your space to be comfortable to work in, but you also want it to be memorable for your visitors. For more information on how to make your space a bit more enhanced while working within a budget, reach out to the experts at Colorado Painting today.


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