How to Get the Best Results from Your Commercial Painting Project

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Commercial painting projects are a huge and frequently costly undertaking. Investing in qualified commercial painters who can provide excellent results is vital. To guarantee success, there are a few tips to consider when wanting top value for your investment from commercial painting jobs.

Check the Painter's Qualifications

Commercial painting work requires insurance, permits, and licenses. When talking to commercial painters, ask them if they have these credentials. If you go with a non-certified painter, you’ll get a low-quality paint job that you may need to redo. When you hire a certified, insured, and experienced commercial painter to do the work, you will receive excellent results.

Perform a Walk-Through

You should perform a walk-through and inspection of the space being painted, preferably with your commercial painting contractors. Whether it’s interior or exterior paintwork, you need to examine the area for damages, cracks, or anything else that requires special attention. If they aren’t pointed out during a walk-through, make sure you ask the painters how much you have to pay for necessary repairs. Usually, it’s included in the cost of your painting service. Don’t assume that the painters will automatically fix any cracks or damage. It’s best to ask just to be sure.

Moreover, if you hire a very good painter, they’ll want to take a walk around with you, discussing what you want done. They might even show you some things you didn’t notice or explain the whole process to you so that you understand what to expect during the project. When you’re a business owner or you own commercial property, this sort of information could be extremely helpful. Realizing what commercial painters have in mind will aid you in keeping your business functioning with limited interruptions during the whole painting process.

Choose Quality Materials

It is vital that the commercial painters you employ choose high-quality materials. Low-quality brushes and paints could lead to a commercial painting job that looks bad or doesn’t last a long time.

Choose the Right Color

Choosing the right paint color makes a huge difference when it comes to commercial painting. Well-kept commercial properties influence the impression of your building on others. Meticulous color choices may also strengthen your brand values and identity.

For instance, a neutral color palette may be an excellent choice for the interior of businesses or multi-unit office buildings. On the other hand, beauty salons, clothing stores, and similar businesses might benefit from bold colors.

Pre-Plan and Prepare

It’s critical to pre-plan and prepare before the start of a commercial painting job. Some things to do are clean the walls, cover furniture and floors, and fix any damages. This will guarantee flawless results at the end of the job.

Clear the Work Area

When commercial painting companies begin a project, they don’t start painting until the area is completely prepared. Before a commercial painting contractor can start prepping the space, you will need to clear the work area. The key thing to do to keep your painting project on schedule is to remove art from the walls and move furniture to the middle of the room. Clearing the work area yourself saves you money and time.

Use Primer

While some people might feel that primer isn’t necessary, many painting experts disagree. Applying that barrier between your new coat of paint and the wall could stop the color from becoming dull when it dries. Primer also helps the paint last longer. If you are painting over a deep or bright color, a primer is excellent at shielding the integrity of the new color.

If you’re interested in updating the look of your business, painting is a wonderful place to start.


Commercial painting businesses use the latest advanced painting technology and equipment to create top-quality results. They can help produce ideal color matches, deliver distinct finishes, and guarantee that they increase their efficiency in finishing the job by using premium materials and tools. From producing a flawless blemish-free finish to having an exterior coating that will endure the elements for years, there’s plenty to gain from hiring professional commercial painters for your commercial space.


Commercial painting professionals have the proper equipment and experience to guarantee that each painting project is done safely and without unnecessary issues. Commercial painters have their harnesses, ladders, scaffolds, and other safety equipment. Moreover, in case there’s some sort of accident, commercial painting contractors are bonded and licensed. Therefore, it won’t be a liability to your company.

Consider the Weather

Weather conditions like snow, wind, and rain will certainly affect your commercial exterior painting job. Though, it isn’t only unpredictable, severe weather that might influence the success of your painting updates.

Specific paint types act differently at various temperatures. For instance, oil-based paint sticks best to the walls when the temperature is somewhere at 40°- 90°F. On the other hand, latex works perfectly between 50°- 85°F.

If you are interested in saving some money and resources on your painting project, choosing the right time for your project might be of vital importance. Get in touch with PPD and we’ll schedule an appointment to explore our options for your future projects.

Hire Qualified Denver Commercial Painters

It is crucial to carefully vet commercial painters before hiring them for a project. Take the time to research Denver commercial painters, checking references and reviews. Doing this will save you money and time, guaranteeing that the painting of your commercial property is done effectively, rapidly, and with top-quality results.

Painting your commercial property is one of the most successful ways to help your business thrive. Though, it all starts with using the right commercial painting contractors for the project. If you have a commercial painting job and want the best company for commercial painting in Denver, give us a call.


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