Colorado Commercial specializes in HOA painting. We are family owned and operated and have been painting in the Denver Metro area since 1983!

HOA Painting

Oftentimes, when real estate developers want to market, sell and manage real estate (the lots and homes they have built on the lots), they create an association that is called a homeowner association (HOA.). The HOA has private voting rights overriding the association in a residential subdivision, and legally enables the developer to be removed from their monetary and lawful liabilities through the transfer of ownership once they sell off a preset number of lots. Normally, HOA membership is a purchase condition for the buyer.

As an owner of a condominium, house or townhome in an HOA, you are subject to your community or neighborhood rules that exist in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). The goal of CC&Rs are to preserve, protect and to improve upon the value of your property. There are pros and cons to CC&Rs whereas most agree that there is value in having owners keep the property in good shape for the community appeal. Problems occur oftentimes when a home owners request is denied from the HOA and they cannot move forward with their plans or if the homeowner violates the CC&Rs and is penalized or forced to comply with the rules of the HOA.

With this said, we feel it is important to go through the proper channels and get HOA paint color approval prior to commencing your HOA painting project.