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Painting is a powerful way to transform a space. If you work with a good Denver painting contractor, you can make any interior or exterior look and feel like an upgrade. However, a painting contractor must know ahead of time what the paint job will entail and, likewise, you must understand what the painter can do for you. The are various questions to ask painters before they begin work.

Professional painting to any residential space can help enhance the overall decor for any home. Still, when you’ve hired the contractor that is right for you, it’s important that you ask questions about the painting process so that you understand what’s going to happen and what it will look like.

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What are the most important questions to ask painters?

Do you have any reviews or references that I can see?

If you are looking for a good painting contractor, then it’s vital that you look through their reviews and references. Contracts reviews and references will allow you to get a sense of how effective a contractor is, and how well they perform.

Reading through the reviews and references makes it easy to understand what that contractor can do for you, and whether or not they’re right for your job.

Do you have a portfolio of previous work?

Another great question to ask, when review contractors, is for some samples of their work or a portfolio. Just as references and reviews are important, so is a portfolio. With a picture portfolio, you’re able to see proof of their past work, and you’re able to get a good idea as to the quality of the work. In addition, homeowners can also better assess whether a painting contractor has the skillsets needed to complete more difficult, custom projects such as large space and high ceilings.

How long have you been in business?

Overall, it's important to understand how many years experience a professional painting company has under their belt. Experience usually sets apart competitors, because knowing how to address issues is one of the most time consuming and expensive aspect for any paint job. Similarly, experienced painters will know how to properly care for interior decor and will take extra steps to ensure that quality painting is provided. For instance, a painting company that has been in business for over 30 years, like Colorado Painting, will know the requirements for prep work, priming, estimates for total costs of paint, because they've likely done a job similar to the one at hand.

What sets you apart from other contractors?

If you are looking at different contractors, unsure of who to hire, then ask this question. What sets you apart from other contractors? By hearing their answer, you’ll be able to discern the unique traits and values that they bring to this job, in comparison to other contractors. That way, it’s easier for you to find the right contractor.

what to ask painters

Do you have a license?

If a contractor is licensed, then that means they have direct experience with painting, and that they meet the basic standards that come with being a painting contractor. It also means that they are bound to the terms of their contract and that if they fail to meet those terms, their license may be taken away.

Working with a licensed contractor is the best choice if you want an easy and pleasant experience.

What kind of insurance do you have?

Make sure your contractor has, at the very least, Residential Painting Contractors General Liability Insurance.

With Residential Painting Contractors General Liability Insurance, any damage to your property is insured. So, if the paint is spilled on expensive furnishings, this insurance is in place to cover the costs of damages. This usually gives homeowners peace of mind and it prevents possible expensive lawsuits from occurring later.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Every painting contractor should provide some kind of warranty. Ideally, this warranty is for three years after the job was completed, because it is within those years that painting errors are most likely to show. Colorado Painting offers a five-year warranty no exclusions residential painting warranty, including surrounding areas.

How long will the job take?

Each painting job is a little different. Some jobs take only a few days. Other jobs can take months.

When you’re talking to your contractor, ask them how long the painting job is expected to take. If multiple rooms are being painted, ask about the time it will take to paint each individual room.

By asking your contractor about this information, you’ll be able to arrange your schedule properly. Plus, you also have a solid idea as to when the job will be finished.

What Is Your Day-To-Day Painting Schedule?

Work with your contractor so that they know the needs of your schedule. That way, they know when they should begin the day, and when they should stop painting. If you don’t do this, then your schedules may conflict with one another.

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How will the space be prepared for painting?

Preparation is an integral part of the painting process. It’s vital that your contractor has a detailed preparation process laid out, and that you are fully aware of the process and how it will transform your space, as well as how long it will take

When you ask this question, make sure that your painter lays out the entire process in detail. Make sure they describe the number of painters that will be working, specific areas within the space that need to be repaired, the length of the preparation and any other measures that must be taken.

What kind of repairs will be made during the preparation phase?

If there is rotting wood in the area that will be painted - or any other problem - ask if the contractor will repair that for you. During the preparation phase, it isn’t uncommon for those problems to be dealt with, as they can affect the paint, and how it looks.

If they don’t fix those kinds of problems, then make sure you hire someone else to deal with them.

Should I do any prep work?

While the contractor will do most of the preparation, there still might be a few small things that you need to do. By doing those things, you’ll make the experience easier for you, and your painting contractor.

How will the space be protected?

Good questions to ask painters start with care of your personal things. A good contractor will move everything valuable out of the space. Then, they’ll put a tarp over everything they can, so that there’s a small risk of damages taking place.

What types of paint will be used?

When asking your contractor about the paint they’ll be using, you should demand that a “premium grade” of paint be used, rather than a more inexpensive grade. Inexpensive grades of paint degrade within two or three years, but a premium grade of paint will last for much longer.

How many coats of paint will it require?

Painted surfaces that have a thick layer of paint on them tend to be more durable than those with just one coat of paint. Depending on the contractor, an extra thick coat may cost more, but it is important to ask. And, if you think a thicker coat of paint would be ideal, ask the contractor to put another coat of paint up.

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How many painters will be involved?

Some painting jobs will only require one or two painters, while others may require ten or more. It all depends on what is being painted.

When you ask your contractors how many painters will be involved, you gain a clear sense of how many people will be working in your space, as well as how many people are required for the painting. But, make sure that your contractor gives you an exact number of workers per project, there have been cases in the past where jobs take twice-as-long, due to having fewer painters working.

When the job is finished, what will clean-up entail?

Many people assume that the contractor will clean up the mess that has been made, but that isn’t always the case.

Make sure to ask your contractor what will be cleaned up after the job has been finished, and make sure that this is in writing. If it’s not, then you have no guarantee that there won’t be a giant mess left behind.

What is the estimate or total cost for this project?

One of the best questions to ask painters before beginning is whether or not they supply a free quote. When you meet with your contractor, ask for a good price estimate. Prices may change, due to:

  • industry price increases
  • change of work orders
  • additional rooms
  • unforeseen wall damage
  • request for higher quality paints

However, it’s important that you understand the amount of money your painting job is likely to cost. That way, there are no unexpected price surprises when the job is complete.

Is The Cost Of Paint Included In The Estimate?

Some contractors add the cost of paint to the final quote, rather than the estimate. Make sure you know whether or not that’s the case, and then ask about how much the paint is estimated to cost.

How Much Money Do You Require Upfront?

Most painting contractors require half upfront. If your contractor asks you for more than half, be wary. It could be a sign that the business is underperforming, and that after you’ve paid the rest of the work will be rushed and lacking in quality. Questions to ask painters will vary, but always cover the basic inquiry before you get started with a professional painting company.


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