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Interior Painting in Arvada

Colorado Commercial and Residential Painting recently completed this interior painting project. The home had a tremendous amount of faux painting throughout and the new home owners wanted a different look and feel. Boy did they achieve it with the new paint job. We are now performing drywall repairs and texturing to several walls in around the kitchen that were greatly in need of some "TLC".

The home owner has a great flair for color says Wright, co-owner of Colorado Commercial and Residential Painting. "She spent some quality time planning and choosing colors to create the right mood for each room. Additionally, her teenage daughter really impressed me with her artistic flair and the paint colors and scheme she came up on her own for her bedroom. We might have to hire her some day!"

Our color consultants at Colorado Commercial and Residential Painting understand that bringing the right color to the inside or outside of your home can have a tremendous effect on the appeal and value of your home. If you're not as proficient in selecting paint colors and design as this home is, our interior painting color consultants will help you select the right paint color palette for you. There is a psychology to color and when the right pure spectum colors (hue) is used with certain colors it is amazing how it can effect your mood. The calming, soothing, serene cool blue's, gray's, purple's and whites and energizing red's can turn into a nightmare and not be so calming or energizing if the hues aren't just right.  Also, ligther color walls typically make a room look and feel more spacious.

When you're ready to transform the look and feel of your home, please consider our color consulting and interior painting experts at Colorado Commercial and Residential Painting. We're convinced you will be glad that you did!







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