Why Flat Roof Coatings?

Why Flat Roof Coatings?

  • Non-Disruptive – With roof coatings there is no debris removal or tearing off of roofing material. Also the coating is non-toxic. Meaning the building does not have to be closed during installation. Business operations will remain unaffected and occupants will be able to come and go normally.
  • Waterproof – Roof coatings are waterproof and durable. With roof coatings, standing water becomes a problem of the past and maintenance costs decrease exponentially.
  • Energy Efficient – Roof coatings have significant energy savings. Coated roofs are much more reflective than non-coated roofs. Having a reflective roof reduces the surface temperature of the roof and decreases the amount of heat that would otherwise be transferred into the building. Without that additional heat the building doesn’t have to spend as much on cooling costs.
  • Cost Efficient – Roof coatings are less of a pain to install than a traditional tear off roof and eliminate the need to haul away construction waste, which reduces the cost of installation. Roof coatings also have the potential to provide building owners with tax benefits and utility rebates.
  • Tax Benefits – Unlike total roof replacements, roof coatings can be deductible in the first year of installation and save building owners money.
  • Utility Rebates – Because roof coatings are reflective and therefore more energy efficient some utility companies will give building owners rebates for conserving energy.
  • Sustainable – Roof coatings are a more environmentally responsible choice.
    Conventional roofing systems can use toxic hot tar and produce a lot of material waste that end up in landfills. While, roof coatings are non-toxic and do not have tear off shingles that end up as construction waste. Furthermore, the reflective property of roof coatings prevent exponential roof heating and degradation, which makes the roof last a lot longer.

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