Townhouse Painting Project Example

Townhouse Painting Project Example

Project: Townhouse Painting, Townhome Painting, Exterior Painting
Date: May - July 2019
Location: Westminster, CO
Client: General Contractor
Timeline: 66 Days
Cost: $75,000-80,000
Project Leader: Mark Roe, Sr. Estimator

General Project Overview:

Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting provided the labor, materials, and equipment to complete this townhouse painting project example per the local General Contractors unique specifications as communicated on a job walk completed in the Spring of 2019.  This included prepare, prime, and paint exterior of eight buildings/fifty four townhouse units. The scope included the siding, soffits, trim/fascia, garage doors, entry doors, railings, columns, and gutters/downspouts. 

Project Accomplishment Summary:

Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting successfully completed this project on-time and within budget this Colorado General Contractor.  The schedule was exceeded, the budget was met, and the scope was fully executed.  

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Why Chose Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting?

Colorado Commercial and Residential Painting has been Denver’s top rated townhouse painting contractor for over 30 years.  We understand the unique complexities of large scale townhouse painting projects and are confident we’ll deliver on our promise of a high-value painting project, on-time, within budget and with minimal distractions for the homeowners.

What sets us apart from other painters:

  • Great communication
  • Professional and precise bids
  • Efficient bookkeeping
  • Being fair, honest and transparent
  • Being EPA lead certified and fully insured.
  • Continued education and safety training for all team members
  • Employing a large, knowledgeable and professional staff
  • Over 30 years of experience

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