What is the Role of Different Paint Finishes in Residential Painting?

What is the Role of Different Paint Finishes in Residential Painting

There’s more that goes into painting your home than just picking out a color and splashing it on the walls. Getting the right finishes can play a significant role in the aesthetics of your space, as certain finishes can also enhance the functionality of an area. It’s important to consider what each room will be used for to determine what finish might be best suited for it.

You want the most out of your residential painting in Denver, learning the differences between these finishes can make a big difference in the final outcome of your project. There are different levels of gloss between the types of finishes, meaning there are plenty of options out there to find the perfect finish for every room of your house.

How Finishes Impact the Final Look

Different finishes deliver varying levels of sheen, which can contribute to the overall look and feel of a room. Glossy finishes generally provide better durability and improved resistance to moisture. This means they’ll likely require less cleaning and maintenance. This makes glossy finishes better for areas of high traffic, and areas that might be more prone to experience messes or other issues.

Some of the less glossy finishes – like flat and matte finishes – can help hide imperfections on the surface. It depends on what you’re looking for in the space. Glossy finishes will reflect light, and can make a space look brighter and more open. However, going with a flat finish can cut down glare – which might help the overall look in places like hallways or other places where you don’t need that bright light.

Different Kind of Finishes

It’s already been mentioned that flat or matte finishes can cut down on glare and help hide imperfections, and its soft appearance is a good choice for bedrooms and living areas. The next step up would be an eggshell finish, which has a slight sheen to it. It’s more durable and easier to clean than a flat finish, so it strikes a balance between those and the glossier finishes. Satin finishes are another step up in gloss from eggshell, but still strikes an aesthetic balance and is great for high-traffic areas.

The glossy finishes are more reflective the higher the gloss, and that starts with a semi-gloss finish. This finish has a noticeable shine, but is still easy to clean. That makes it ideal for things like doors and cabinets. The next two steps are gloss finish and high-gloss, and both will deliver high reflectivity and a shiny appearance. High-gloss finish is very shiny, and is often used for surfaces that need the most durability and washability.

It’s also important to note that the glossier the finish, the more it will highlight imperfections, which makes surface preparation crucial before applying the paint. For more information on the differences between paint finishes, and how they might work in your space, reach out to the experts at Colorado Painting today.


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