Why Commercial Painting Should Always Be Left to the Professionals


Commercial painting projects are usually significant, and the potential for large messes and mistakes is high. While some people may believe they can easily paint a commercial space, there are some real benefits to letting professionals handle the job.

This article will outline some of the biggest reasons you should always leave commercial painting to the professionals. The team at Colorado Painting is happy to give you a customized quote for any residential or commercial painting job. Call today to learn more and get started.

The Top 3 Reasons You Should Always Leave Commercial Painting to the Professionals

Commercial painting can be a big job. While you probably don’t paint every day, professional painters do–and they have the tools and expertise to get the job done correctly the first time. Here are three of the most important reasons to leave commercial painting to the pros.

1. Save time

Just because you can physically do the work of commercial painting doesn’t mean it’s the best use of your time. Buying paint, fathering supplies, prepping surfaces, and actually painting can take far longer than you might imagine. Instead of spending days prepping, painting, and cleaning up–while risking being unsatisfied with the results–the professionals will have the job done quickly and correctly.

2. To ensure safety

Commercial painting projects can often come with hazards that pose risks to you and anyone else involved in the project. Commercial spaces are generally larger and more challenging to paint than home interiors. In a commercial space, you may need to paint cavernous interior spaces or towering exterior walls. Very few people have the tools, expertise, or training to maintain safety while painting these spaces.

Instead of balancing precariously on ladders or resorting to unsafe practices to reach tight spaces, professional commercial painters arrive on site with the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure safety and do a thorough job. You’ll rest easy knowing the job will be done well the first time–and without the risk of falls or other accidents.

Safety for you and your team is essential, but professional painters go the extra mile by considering environmental protection. They’ll follow all EPA guidelines while painting and properly dispose of excess paint and supplies according to local laws.

3. Advice

Professional painters don’t simply show up and paint–they can help guide your decisions at every step of your commercial painting project. They are not just experts at painting–they are passionate about paint. Your professional painters will evaluate your space and ask questions about your needs and preferences to make thoughtful suggestions about what color and type of paint you should use. They can advise you on color combinations, local trends, and how your paint color can affect your business. The results? A perfect paint job that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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