Springtime Exterior Home Painting Checklist

Springtime Exterior Home Painting

The winter weather can sometimes leave its mark on your home. Whether it’s your gutters, woodwork or even exterior paint, Jack Frost can be a burden here in Colorado.

At Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting we believe the mild Winters of the Denver metro are a welcomed break from the Summer heat. However, even though they are mild, they can still wreak some havoc on homes both old and new.

As the colder temps give way to steady warmth and gentler winds, there is no better time to think about giving your exterior a refresh.

Getting Started: Springtime Exterior Painting

Exterior Multi-family Home Painting

We recommend that every 8 to 10 years you should splash some new color on your home.

Out of all the seasons, there is none better than Spring thanks to the mild temperatures. The vibrant colors of Colorado begin to wake up and can act as an inspiration for those in need of a jump start.

If you have no clue as to where you want to start you can always explore the region, using other homes to inspire your choice of colors.

As we have talked about before, for some, the next step in the process is garnering HOA approval on your planned project.

Moving Forward with Your Project

If you are ready to move forward with your exterior home painting project you can reach out to us for a free estimate at (303) 574-1740 or on our website.

Our professional team can set up a time to assess and communicate the project needs and then deliver top notch service.

From pre-project needs like scraping and caulking, all the way to the post-project cleanup and evaluation, Colorado Painting will get the job done!

Exterior Home Painting in Colorado

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With office in both Niwot and Arvada, CO, we look forward to meeting you and seeing your dream home come to fruition. Give us a call to begin your journey to a new look today!



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