Best Paint Color for High Traffic Areas

best paint colors for high traffic areas

When choosing the best paint color for high-traffic areas of your home or office, consider which color and finish will be best suited for the room and its function. Areas that receive a lot of foot traffic such as entryways, kitchens, stairways, and bathrooms are susceptible to wear and tear, which showcases imperfections such as chips, dirt, scratches, and scuffs - especially if the improper color or paint finish is used.

Maintaining high-traffic areas in your home can be challenging, plus regular touch-ups are time-consuming and can be costly if handled by professionals (which we highly recommend). So you want to go with a color and finish that stays durable and that can be easily maintained. Lucky for you we’ve listed the colors and finishes that will withstand wear and tear caused by kids, pets, and guests.

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Picking the right color

The first thought when painting any room is choosing a color. You want the color you choose to match other design elements in your space, but you also want it to withstand the potential mess that's to come. This selection of paint colors for your home or workplace serves as practical yet stylish, perfect for any office environment or any multi-functional space in your home.

Here are some colors we recommend for high-traffic areas:

Add some spice

Warm colors like burnt orange, yellow, brown, and spicy reds are great because they can be uplifting and provide a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Choosing a color in this palette will also ensure high-traffic areas, which are very susceptible to dirt and damage, always look fresh due to their ability to conceal imperfections and signs of wear and tear. Warm spice tones often go well in kitchens, bathrooms, or other multi-functional family spaces such as living rooms.

Shades of grey

Choosing a shade of grey can be a bold and edgy choice, but it can also easily hide or camouflage dirt and stains, which is why it’s great for highly-used areas of your home such as entryways, hallways, and other transition areas in your home. Colors in this family also complement bold colors such as red or navy. Not only are colors in this palette practical, but they also do a great job at defining a space.

grey paint high traffic area

Dark and light chair rail combination

Chair rails are a great feature for high-traffic areas like hallways or playrooms. They showcase a formal and traditional design but they also serve a purpose. Historically, they were used to protect walls when chairs backed up against them. It’s great for common areas such as dining rooms or kitchens. For high-traffic areas, It is suggested to use lighter color above the chair rails and a darker color beneath the walls to disguise fingerprints and smudges.

Warm and purple

Warm shades of purple or violet can be a great choice for busy areas such as the kid’s bedroom or office. Not only is it a fun color, but it’ll keep up with the mess that’s guaranteed to come with little ones. Shades of purple are also known to produce feelings of calm, serenity, and inner peace, making it a perfect color for workspaces, or even an adult bedroom! Make sure to choose softer shades without too much of a black tint.

Choosing the Right Paint Finish and Why It’s Important

Choosing paint does just end with picking a color, you must consider the type of finish that will keep your paint job looking fresh. The general rule is, the glossier the finish, the more washable and durable your paint job will be.

On the other hand, a flatter paint finish is not only less washable, but is also prone to discoloration or even comes off completely when washed.

Consider your objective

If you are trying to conceal dirt, flat finishes are better at disguising marks. It’s much harder to conceal marks with glossy paint because it’s so reflective. However, it is more durable and is easier to clean than walls with a flat finish.

Go for gloss

When it comes to heavily used rooms in your home, we recommend going with a high-gloss finish. Paint with high-gloss finishes contains a smoother film, which makes it more stain-resistant. The smooth surface makes it easy to wipe clean and dirt is easily removed with soap and water. Satin and semi-gloss finishes have also been a reliable choice for homeowners as they are slightly washable without being too shiny.

Considering eggshell

Eggshell has a lower luster than satin finishes and is slightly less durable. The soft sheen can be accentuated or toned down with different types of lighting. Because the film of this finish is not as smooth, dirt and stains can be very difficult to remove and might require frequent touch-ups to fully disguise signs of wear and tear.

Scuff Resistant Paint

Whatever color or finish you choose, we recommend using scuff-resistant paint that repels marks and dirt without the need for constant cleaning and retouching. Additionally, they’re available in all types of finishes including matte, eggshell, and satin finishes. Popular choices include Benjamin Moore’s SCUFF-X or BHER’s Dynasty. If choosing a matte finish, we recommend looking into these options.

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Interior Painting with Colorado Painting

When it comes to choosing the right color for high-traffic areas in your home, it’s best to go with a paint job you know will last for a long time. Paint jobs can be costly and time-consuming, so it’s important to get them right the first time.

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