Exterior Accent Colors For A White House

exterior accent colors for white house

The exterior of your home can make a huge impact on not only the visual appeal of your house, but also the way it feels. The right colors can make you feel comfortable, cozy and satisfied with how your house looks. That’s why it’s so important to choose the best exterior accent colors for your white house.

exterior accent colors for house

Top Accent Colors For The Exterior Of A White House

We know just how hard it can be to decide on a good color when there are so many options out there.

Here are our top six accent colors for your home.

Modern White

Modern white is a great color choice for a white house, especially if you're looking to give it an updated look.

This shade of white will make your home seem fresh and new without being too trendy. If you have an older home that's in need of some love and care, Modern White is the perfect way to clean up its facade while still preserving the integrity of its original design.

Unlike other shades of white that are often used as neutral colors (such as linen white), modern white can be paired with just about anything—from bright blues like Bluebonnet or Azure Cotton to rich greens like Emerald Forest or Amethyst Orchid—and still look good on any palette. This makes Modern White a great option for those who want their homes' exterior paint accent colors to complement their interior decorating schemes rather than clash with them.

Crisp Grey

While a crisp grey may sound like it would be more suited to the interior of a home, it's actually a great exterior paint color. The color can be used to create an interesting contrast between the white exterior and crisp grey siding or trim, which creates an interesting effect.

This accent color is also neutral enough to work with any type of house, especially a white home, but still has some contrast for those who want their house to stand out from others on their street. It is especially attractive when used on homes that have large windows or a lot of natural light coming into the home because they help offset some of its darker tones.

The gray family of colors includes shades like dove, silver, ash and slate. These are all neutral colors that work well with any other shade because they offer enough contrast to offset each other without being too bright or dark.

Beige Neutrals

Beige is a neutral color that works well with just about any other colors as an accent color. Beige can also be used as a primary exterior color on its own or paired with another neutral, such as gray or cream. It's also a good choice for homes with a lot of natural light because it won't reflect too much heat back into the house. The main drawback of beige is that it can look bland and boring if you don't have any accent colors on your home to break up the color. This is especially true when used as a primary exterior paint color because it won't give your home much personality or visual interest.

green accent color on white house

Forest Green

Forest green is a dark green color that looks great as an accent or background color. It's a neutral, almost yellowish-green, which gives it an earthy feel. Forest green is lighter than hunter green and can be used on its own in smaller spaces. If you want to use more than one color on your home, this would be a good choice for the area where people will be most of the time (patios/ decks) because it's less bold than many other green accent colors for your home.

Earthy Browns

If you're looking for a bold color that will bring warmth and texture to any home, Earthy Browns are one of your best options. In addition to the rich hues they offer, they also have a variety of undertones which can be used to create different looks. For example, yellows and taupes tend to be brighter and warmer while browns with red undertones are more muted and cooler in feel.

Earthy browns are especially well-suited for modern homes because their neutral tones allow them to flow seamlessly with other elements in a space without overpowering them or distracting from other aspects of design—the perfect choice if you have several different styles competing for attention!

Navy Blue

Navy blue is one of the best exterior accent colors for a white house or any light-colored house, as it contrasts nicely, like forest green does.

If you have a large house with lots of windows, navy blue is an excellent choice as an exterior accent color. The dark color will make the outside seem darker and smaller, which makes it appear more open and inviting. This color is perfect for properties that have a lot of outdoor space or large lawns. The dark hue may be too overwhelming to some if used throughout your exterior design scheme.

The downside is that navy works best with larger houses because it makes them appear smaller than they actually are! So if you live in an apartment building or condo townhouse in Colorado but still want something bolder, navy is among the best exterior accent colors for white homes.

Which Accent Color is Best for Your House?

Choosing the right exterior paint color and accents for your home is crucial. Here are some tips to help you choose the right exterior paint color:

  • Consider the budget and how much time you want to commit to painting. The best exterior paint colors don't have to be the most expensive ones on the market, but they should be high quality and durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Choose a color scheme that suits your style and personality by combining at least three different shades of one hue, or choose two main hues as well as several other shades of each hue that complement one another, depending on whether you're looking for something bold or subtle (or anything in between). A good way to think about this is by considering what kind of moods those who will see your house would associate with those particular hues—what feelings do they evoke? When thinking about this question keep in mind that not all people respond positively towards bright colors so if possible try using neutral tones instead!
  • Paint brands matter too; not all brands are created equal when it comes to longevity so always check reviews before buying an entire gallon worth 🙂

We hope that this article has given you some inspiration for your next paint job. Whether you choose to go with a bold color or one of our more subtle suggestions, remember that the most important thing is to pick something that you love and make sure it’s going to last.

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