Front Door Paint Color Ideas

front door paint color ideas

Your front door is an extremely important part of your home’s curb appeal. Additionally, it’s one of the places of your home’s exterior where you have a little more freedom to get creative in terms of color and design. Why would you want to paint your front door a drab, boring color when you can make your home eye-popping and memorable with a great, unique color that you love? However, perhaps you're struggling with front door paint color ideas.

Let us help.

front door color ideas

You could choose yellow for a bright and happy aesthetic, red for bold and eye-catching, or blue for a nice, relaxed feel. 

There are truly endless options as to what to paint your front door, but hopefully, this blog gives you some ideas or inspiration.

Of course, your front door is the first impression for your guests when they enter your home. You can use your front door paint color to impart the mood of your home. Since it’s so important, you might as well make a good first impression!

It might be a little tough to find inspiration for what different front door paint colors you could use. Down below, we’re going to share a few of our favorite front door paint colors, as well as add some tips and tricks for how you can make your front door and home stand apart in your neighborhood.

Front Door Paint Color Ideas, Tips, and Tricks

There are a bunch of different ways you can go when deciding what color you’d like to paint your front door.

In this section, we’ll share a few different things you might want to consider when deciding what color to paint your front door. 

front door blue paint color


You’ll want to consider how much contrast you’d like your front door paint color to have versus the rest of your house.

If you really want your front door to stand out, you’ll probably want to go more contrasting.

For example, you could paint your front door red if your home is dark blue.

However, you could also be more subtle with your level of contrast if you’d like to keep a more elegant and reserved tone. The level of contrast you choose is totally a personal preference, but just be aware that the more contrast there is, the more your front door will stand out.

Architectural Style

You’ll also want to factor in the architectural style of your home when deciding what front door paint color would look best.

For example, if you have a very modern home, you could get away with choosing a more outlandish color, like something neon or green. On the other hand, a lime-green door wouldn’t go as well with a more traditional home, as it’d simply look out of place. Matching the color of your front door’s paint to the architectural style of your home is a great way to maintain continuity in your home’s outdoor appearance while still being able to be creative and unique.


You’ll also want to consider your landscaping and your home’s overall curb image.

A well-colored front door can really be a cherry on top when it comes to your home’s curb appeal, but your front yard and other landscaping also play a role. Additionally, if you’re considering really eye-catching front door paint colors, you could use your landscaping to draw the eyes of passers-by to your front door. However, if your landscaping is blocking a lot of your front door, it might not make sense to go with a really creative color, since people won’t really be able to see it. At the end of the day, factoring in your home’s landscaping and the overall image will help you ensure that you’re making the proper choice with your front door paint color.

dark blue front door paint color


Windows are important to consider for a few different reasons.

Number one, if you’ve got windows on your front door, they’ll automatically make your door lighter. You could either choose a darker color to add contrast versus the natural light or choose a lighter color that will complement and accentuate the natural brightness. The same goes for the windows near your front door- the larger they are, the brighter they’ll make your home appear. Having this knowledge can help you be aware of what effect you’re looking to create with your front door paint color. 

Color Theory

Knowing the basics of color theory could really help you decide what vibe you’re looking for when it comes to your front door.

Color theory just refers to the fact that different colors have different psychological impacts on people. Down below, we’ll give a brief dive into the psychological impacts of different colors you might consider for your front door:

Red: Several scientific studies have found that red is a stimulating color, so it increases heart rate and boosts blood flow. This paint color is striking and eye-catching, and can really be used to make a strong impression.

Green: Green is a gentle and easy color, which can help your home feel inviting and pretty. People are naturally drawn to green, and it can be used to complement your lawn and home well. It’s a cool, relaxing color that won’t really stand out, but can help create a relaxing vibe.

Orange: Orange is a great combination of bold red and bright and sunny yellow. It’s a great stimulant for the mind and the body, and you’ll like using orange if you’d like your front door to appear energizing.

Blue: Blue is the first color that comes to people's minds when they think of calming colors. Sky blue in particular has a refreshing, calming, and soothing effect that is perfect if you’d like your home to give off an aura of tranquility and relaxation. A darker blue can appear more bold and striking.

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