The House Painting Process

house paintWhile it seems like all of us will eventually try our hand at painting at one point or another, we often see exterior house painting projects being left up to the professionals.

Climbing on the roofs of our homes is dangerous especially for someone who isn’t used to doing it on a daily basis. Hiring a professional like Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting, for your exterior home painting is a no brainer. They carry insurance, have the right equipment and are experts at what they do.

After many years within the exterior paint industry, we have uncovered that attention to detail, communication, and hard work is what you want out of your home paint contractor. In an effort to meet those needs we have developed a very specific procedure we like to follow when tackling a home paint project.

STEP 1: Free Painting Consultation

In order to get you an accurate quote, we must see the project so that we can access the condition and get proper measurements. This estimate typically takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete but roughly only 20-30 minutes of your time.

After arriving at the home, we will start with a Q&A to find out  what you need, what you

want, and what you’re looking for along with some basic information about paint and our company.  Following that, we will do a walk around the house together to address all areas, cover details, and provide options based on your needs.

Your painting consultant will than ask that they have some time alone to get measurements. Depending on the home and project we may be able to provide the price on site but more than likely they need time to run the numbers beforehand.

STEP 2: Detailed Quote

We will provide you with a comprehensive quote detailing the job scope, requirements, and price within 48 hours of the estimate. The quote will be sent via email and can be signed electronically for your convenience. All quotes include labor, material, power wash and prep unless otherwise specified and we never ask for any deposits!

color samplesSTEP 3: Color Consultation

Upon request, we will assist you during your color selection journey. How will we assist?

  1. Educating and providing information on popular color and schemes
  2. Help paint up color samples when needed
  3. Connect you with a design and color professional

STEP 4: Prepare The Surfaces

We will prepare the surface by power washing the exterior of the home and completing any repairs.  Power washing and removing all the dirt from the exterior creates a clean surface for the paint to adhere to which will ensure you get a top-quality, long-lasting finish.

After the surface is clean, we must prepare it for paint. Paint does not adhere correctly to siding or wood that has rot or water damage. If you are doing the repairs yourself, be sure to have it complete before painting is applied.

This step could also include the following:

  • Covering loose nails/screws
  • Filling holes
  • Caulking
  • Priming any bare surfaces

STEP 5: Protect Your Home

We will prepare the area for the work by putting down drop cloths and masking off areas that are not getting painted. We ask that you make sure to move anything of value and keep kids and pets inside so that we can avoid any accidents!

STEP 6: Paint

We will complete the painting outlined on your signed contract. For most projects, we will use the “Spray and Back Roll” painting method. When you spray and back roll you use an airless paint sprayer to apply the paint first and then immediately go back over the surface with a short to medium nap roller while it is still wet.

This helps ensure proper application and thickness, adhesion, and texture.exterior painters

STEP 7: Clean Up

We will unmask the area, clean up and dispose of any trash around the home.

STEP 8: Final Walk-Through

After the work is completed, we will walk the project with you. During this walk we will complete any final touch ups you see and ensure 100% satisfaction before collecting payment.

The days following your final walk will include some emails including your Warranty and a request to review us and your experience online.

This painting process has helped ensure you get the best quality paint and service we can offer. Not to mention, it is all backed up with our Exterior Painting Warranty and Service Guarantee! Contact us for a free estimate today!


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