How Long Does Interior Paint Last on the Wall?

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This question is one that many professional painters hear all the time: how long does interior paint last on the wall? Ultimately, however, this question is nearly impossible to answer. A general rule of thumb is that a well-done interior paint job will last between 5-10 years, and potentially even longer. However, your paint’s longevity is based on a bunch of different factors. So, how long does interior paint last on the wall? Well, that depends.

In this article, we’ll take you through some of these factors (such as paint quality and room purpose) in an attempt to help you determine how long your interior paint job will last.

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When Should I Repaint the Interior?

Since it’s hard to put a specific figure on how long interior paint lasts, it’s also pretty difficult to figure out when it’s time to repaint the inside of your home or office. In order to properly assess when it’s time to repaint, you need to keep track of when, how, by whom, and with what your last paint job was done. For example, a well-done paint job done by a trusted painting company such as Colorado Painting will generally last longer than a paint job you paid your teenage son and his friends to do.

You can combine these objective facts with your intuition and other factors. If the room in question is a playroom or somewhere that hosts a lot of activity, chances are the walls will get scuffed and chipped much more frequently than a home office. Additionally, some families or business owners may be more tolerant of peeling, fading, or scuffed paint than others- so choosing when to repaint is also a personal preference.

Paint Types

The type of paint used in your paint job will also help you answer how long does interior paint last on the wall? Really, there’s no reason why a coat of quality paint done by a professional painter cannot last upwards of a decade.

There’s a reason why some types of paint are more expensive than others – it’s because they’re expected to last longer and look better on your walls. Going with high-quality paint as opposed to the cheapest option at your local hardware store is a good way to ensure that your interior paint job lasts longer.

There are also different types of paints that you can use.

Traditionally, interior paints fall into two broad buckets: oil-based or water-based.

We’ve compiled a list of a few characteristics and advantages of choosing each type of paint down below:

Oil-Based Paint

  • Also known as solvent-based paints, oil-based paints are traditionally more durable
  • Long-lasting means oil-based paints are typically more affordable
  • Stands up to daily wear and tear extremely well
  • Takes significantly longer to dry as compared to their water-based alternatives
  • Organic Oil-based paints are traditionally more expensive, more delicate, and take longer to dry
  • Inorganic oil-based paints are cheaper and sturdier but have an extremely strong odor while still fresh

Water-Based Paint

  • Commonly known as latex paints
  • Slightly less durable and generally more expensive than their oil counterparts
  • Dry significantly faster than oil-based paints
  • Easier clean-up and lack the odor that oil-based paints have
  • Generally used more frequently as interior paints due to ease of use, dry time, and lack of odor

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Different Paint Finishes

The finish you choose for your interior paint job also impacts its longevity. For paint finish, there’s a sliding scale that ranges from non-reflective and almost paper-like to extremely shiny. The glossiness you choose has a direct impact on how easy the paint is to clean, which in turn can boost longevity.

Flat: Flat is the least reflective type of paint finish. Since it’s cozy, tough to clean, and matte-like, it’s a great choice for low-traffic areas such as formal living rooms.

Satin: Satin is still relatively non-reflective and matte-like, but contains a hint of gloss. It’s one of the interior paint finishes.

Eggshell: Eggshell finishes tend to have a fairly even glossy finish. This level of glossiness is often extremely easy to clean with a damp cloth, making it a popular choice for anybody who is concerned with longevity.

Semi-Gloss: Semi-gloss is an even more reflective finish than eggshell, and tends to be much more durable. This is a popular finish for high-traffic areas that require significant paint durability, such as a kitchen or bathroom.

High Gloss: High gloss, often also called gloss, is the shiniest finish available. Generally, this finish is only used for wood trim and molding since it’s both the most decorative and the easiest to clean.

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Other Factors to Consider with Interior Paint

When asking how long interior paint lasts on the wall, there are more factors to consider than just paint type and finish. Down below are a few more factors that will influence your paint’s longevity:

  • Number of Coats Used: the more coats used in a paint job, the longer that paint job should last.
  • Purpose of Room: A high-traffic room such as a bathroom or kitchen will inevitably wear down faster than an office or formal living room.
  • Wall Condition: A beat-up and uneven wall will need to be repainted more frequently than a meticulously cared-for, well-sanded wall.
  • Damage Repair: A great way to extend the life of your paint job is to quickly clean and repair any damage to either the paint or the wall
  • Sun Exposure: Sun exposure can lead to paint fading more quickly. Installing window treatments can help mitigate this problem.

Using a Professional Painter

One of the best ways to ensure a quality, long-lasting paint job is to use a trusted professional.

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