How To Choose A Paint Sheen

Whether its your home or a commercial property, there are a handful of elements to your painting job that you must consider before starting. One of the most important being the infamous color choice but you also need to consider the paint sheen you want especially in regards to the area you are looking to paint. The sheens range from flat, which has no shine but hides imperfections, all the way up to High-gloss, which is very shiny but the most durable.

Interior Paint Sheen

Types of sheens would include:

Depending on the paint brand you use, they may have more, less or hold slightly different names. However, most should be able to fall into one of these 5 categories.

  • Flat: Non-reflective appearance. Makes walls appear smooth
  • Eggshell: Provides a low lustre, soft and smooth finish just like a true eggshell but more likely to show surface imperfections
  • Satin: Slightly glossy with a rich, pearl like finish
  • Semi-gloss: More reflective than satin with a smooth shinier look
  • High Gloss: Reflects light, giving it a bright and glassy finish

When choosing a paint sheen, you want to consider several factors outside of just the finish and overall look it provides. Paint’s biggest purpose is to protect the material beneath and to be able to protect it, you need to understand the needs of the area in which you are painting.

      • Is it a high traffic area that needs more durability and a higher tolerance for the daily ware of tear?
      • Is there often a lot of moisture in the area like your bathroom or laundry room?
      • These are questions you should be asking yourself before finalizing your choice!

Which Paint Sheen Goes Where?

  • Flat: Great for adult bedrooms, Executive Offices, dining rooms, formal living rooms, ceilings or any other areas that see a bit less daily wear and tear.
  • Eggshell: Great on walls with medium traffic like hallways, entrances, waiting rooms, and family rooms.
  • Satin: Perfect for kids bedrooms, family rooms, halls, shared offices, wood work or the exterior of the property.
  • Semi-gloss: Durable, easy to clean and moisture resistant which means its ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, utility areas, closet doors and trim.
  • High Gloss: Wood trim, cabinets, doors and furniture pop under this glossy finish.

Sherwin-Williams suggests using there paints in the following areas of your home:

Paint Sheen Placement

High traffic areas are perfect for sheens that have a little more gloss in them. The higher the gloss, the more durable it will be!  Satin is said to be one of the most versatile paint sheens. It is often used on the exterior and is popular on the interior of your home or commercial property because of it’s pearly finish and overall durability.

interior painting project

If your worry isn’t durability and you are more focused on helping hide imperfections, then flat or matte sheens are a great choice for you. They will help cover up surface flaws such as dents and scratches which could end up saving you some time and money if they are placed in areas that are not prone to scuffs and damage. Since there is no gloss in these finishes, they are harder to clean and may require touch ups.

Choosing the right paint sheen for your space is crucial in the success and longevity of your paint job. Seeking help from experienced, reliable, and professional painters like Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting will ensure you get a high-quality paint job that lasts.

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