Paint Protects Your Property!

PaintersPainting your home's exterior is a big job and for it to be a successful project, you will need to invest in a significant amount of time and money. However, applying a fresh coat of paint to your home's exterior is well worth the effort. Exterior paint provides more than just an aesthetic look. Paint protects your home against mold and water damage, and is often seen as a long-term investment.

Threats to your exterior paint project and how a quality paint job will project your property:

#1: Water Leaks

When you are painting your exterior, you should use a waterproofer, like caulk. This ensures that there will be fewer water leaks and damage. Keep an eye out for any holes or gaps in your home's exterior. Painting the facade can help you discover and fix issues that could contribute to leaks during a rainstorm.

#2: Decay

Whenever you paint a wood exterior, it's important to seal and/or prime it before painting. Proper application of the primer will protect the wooden surface from decay. The choice of coating will play a major role in the necessary frequency of your exterior maintenance.

#3: Mold & Mildew

Rainy season can significantly increase the risk of mold and mildew growth on your exterior. When you opt for high-quality paint with anti-mold properties, you protect the material and don't have to worry about any exterior mold issues.

#4: Home Value

A new exterior paint job will preserve or even grow the value of your home. The fresh paint will boost your home's curb value and, as Blue Mountain Management explains, make it more attractive to potential buyers or tenants if you plan to rent it out.

Paint Protects

What about how paint protects interior surfaces?

You should never ignore the state of your indoor paint. Due to wear and tear, your interior paint may start looking tired quicker compared to the exterior surfaces. Here are some of the benefits of repainting your home's interior:

  • Reduce stains and fingerprints: This is an important point to consider in homes that have plaster walls. Painting at the right time will minimize stains, dust, and fingerprints. When you opt for higher quality paint, you'll keep your property's plaster in check.
  • Enjoy healthier indoor air: Consider the use of high-quality, low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint that has fewer volatile organic compounds (VOC). The less of these volatile chemicals you have in your home, the better overall air quality you'll enjoy.
  • Seal surfaces from moisture: Using the right type of paint in kitchens and bathrooms will result in surfaces that last longer without acquiring visible damage. This will reduce the need for frequent repainting projects in the areas of your home that have higher humidity levels.

What are the signs that your property needs new paint?

  • Faded, peeled or chipped: When your siding has started to visibly fade, peel or chip, it's time for a paint job. Extensive and deep fading can make your entire property look worn and tired.
  • New trends: It's impossible to keep up with every home design trend. However, if your color schemes look extremely outdated, it may be the right time for a serious update.
  • Damages: Sometimes your home is damaged in a way that simply demands some painting as well. For instance, major storms or flooding can create a sudden need for a paint job.
  • Big changes: Whenever you make major changes to your property, such as adding new structures, you may need to update your paint. That's because the colors of the new buildings or add-ons may clash with your previous paint choice.
  • Chalking: This is the process whereby a white powder starts appearing on the paint's surface. Even a newer home can start looking worn-out when chalking occurs on its surfaces.
  • 10 years: A very common rule of thumb is that you should always get your home painted when the last project was undertaken more than 10 years ago.  Paint experts suggest painting between 5-7 years but you can extend the life of your paint by choosing high quality paint and material.

In a nutshell: How Paint Protects Your Property

Paint is an important component in maintaining your home's look and functionality. A quality exterior paint job protects you against mold, water leaks, decay, and mildew. Maintaining the interior of your home is just as important.  High-quality, low-VOC paint allows for a healthier indoor atmosphere, cuts down on stains and fingerprints, and seals the surfaces from excess moisture.

Painting your home can be a very large undertaking which is why we suggest using a professional and reliable painter like Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting. With over 37 years of experience, we know what it takes to deliver a high quality house painting project with exceptional communication, organization and professionalism all at an incredible value!



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