Why Is My Paint Peeling?

Peeling paint on a house exterior is unsightly and problematic for many Colorado home owner’s. As part of our Colorado Sunshine series, we are answering a frequently asked question:

Why is my paint peeling?

So far, in this series, we have discussed paint fading, chalking and blistering. The remaining topic here is peeling paint. First, we will explain how to identify peeling paint and then what to do when your home’s paint is peeling. 

Paint upkeep is critical to maintaining any property. Know what to look for in order to prevent exterior damage to your Colorado home.

why is my paint peeling

Why is my paint peeling? Reasons Why

The Colorado climate can be harsh on painted exteriors. Learn why your paint is peeling and how to fix it. 

Peeling paint can happen for a variety of reasons. In order to repair paint issues on your home, you must first identify what is causing the paint to peel in the first place. Here are some causes of why your paint is peeling:

  • Moisture exposure
  • Adhesion Loss
  • Inferior Paint 
  • New Wood

why is my paint peeling

Moisture Exposure

Repeated exposure to water from a leaky roof or an enclosed area prone to moisture, for example, can get under the paint. Once this happens, the moisture will collect and build up, which will ultimately lead to your paint peeling away from the surface. It’s best to fix leaks within your home to avoid this in the future.

Adhesion Loss

Blistering left unmaintained will start to peel. The bubbles that form from the sun’s heat will crack open and slough off. Adhesion loss can also occur if a surface is painted when it’s dirty. Finally, adhesion loss can also indicate that the paint used is not well suited for the surface. An example of this is when mixing oil-based and water-based types of paints.

Inferior Paint

Many professionals and DIYers will claim that high-end paint may last longer. While this is definitely debatable, professional painters should recommend a product that is applicable to exterior walls and suitable for the climate you live in.


New Wood

New wood is a culprit of peeling paint, as well. Especially on exteriors, new wood on new homes should be properly treated before any paint is administered. New wood contains natural oils that can cause paints to peel much sooner than weathered wood.


Sunshine has a lot of benefits, but also drawbacks. Ultraviolet radiation (UV) rays from the sun can cause a lot of damage to a homes’ exterior. Imagine a sunburn. When you are in the sun without a protective layer like sunscreen, you burn. After a burn, your skin’s natural reaction is to peel.

The same scenario plays out for your home’s paint. Constant exposure to UV rays can cause the paint to peel off. Paint that starts to peel is no longer protecting your property.

How to Fix Peeling Paint

how to fix peeling paint

If your home is experiencing any of the problems listed above, it’s best that you first try to eliminate those issues before fixing your peeling paint. Also note, it’s important to address the issues quickly as they can cause mold and mildew to build up in your home. 

Here are some other fixes to consider:

Scrape off peeling paint

Use a wire brush or a paint scraper to remove all of the paint in a peeling area. As a safety precaution, it’s important to cover your mouth and nose from paint that may be inhaled. After the peeling paint has been removed, all cracks or holes should then be repaired to even the surface prior to re-painting.

Sand & Clean

As noted above, dirt and debris can cause the paint to begin peeling quickly. As a solution, it’s important to sand all surfaces and clean the walls of your home with dust rags. Soon after, using a paint primer will ensure that the surface is ready for new paint!


Now you’re ready to repaint! Choose the color you love and give your home a much-needed facelift from the paint peeling it has endured.

Paint Peeling is Costly

Fixing your peeling paint is a big process and best left to a painting professional. Peeling paint that is not fixed properly will continue to occur. In the end, you will end up spending more time and money trying to fix a problem. At Colorado Commercial and Residential Painting, we can handle any painting problem. We can turn what feels like an overwhelming project into an easy fix.

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