Residential Painting Costs

Sort the projects below by your home’s square footage and choose one that matches the type of painting project you require in order to get a rough estimate on what your painting project might cost.

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Cost of Painting House Exterior

There are many different variables that come into consideration when estimating the total cost of painting the exterior of a house. The total size, age and condition of the existing paint, the condition of the substrate (the surface the paint is being applied to), the amount of repairs and replacement items, the complexity of the architecture, if equipment will need to be rented, the number of colors in the scheme and where they are located in on the home, the time of year… and the list goes on and on. This is why it is so hard for painting companies to answer the question “how much does it cost, on average, to paint my house” without sending one of our professional trained estimators to your home. To try and answer this question, we have started to compile a list of case studies for our prospect customers to review. Each house is listed with basic information, a few details about the painting estimate, and a final cost of the project.

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