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Roof coating might be the best way to keep your roof in pristine shape for years to come. Here some valuable information that can help you decide of roof coating Colorado services are right for you.

So what is roof coating? Thicker than paint, roof coatings are applied to protect and extend the life of a roof. Roof coatings are applied to both new and existing roof coverings. In general, they are most often applied to existing roofs. Roof coatings are specially formulated to protect roof surfaces from damaging weather such as

  • wind
  • ice or snow
  • water
  • other environmental effects like UV light

Roof coatings contain high levels of resin. Additionally, they're literally a flexible material to work with as they are very elastic. There are several types of roof coating on the market today. The most commonly used are acrylic coatings, asphalt coatings, polyurethane coatings, and silicone coatings.

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How Does Colorado Roof Coating Work?

Once it is cured, the resin in roof coating forms a durable and elastic coating on the roof. This film works like Scotch guarding on furniture or waterproofing sprays on your shoes. It provides a water-resistant coating on the roof. It also fills in cracks on the roof’s surface and seals seams. Paint is applied in gallons per hundred square feet. However, roof coating takes several gallons for each hundred square foot space.

Why Invest in Roof Coating for Your Commercial Property?

Commercial roof coating has many benefits. For one, making your business look good instills client confidence. Roof coating makes our Denver area business look appealing. It also lightens the company’s carbon footprint.

When roof coating is applied to flat and low-slope roofs of warehouses, factories, or offices, the company owner saves money. By extending the life of a roof, the cost of roof repairs or replacement is delayed. A coated roof lasts longer and saves on the cost of repairs or replacement.

How does Roof Coating Enhance Your Denver Business? notes that where the roof of your commercial building can be seen from the ground or from other buildings, its appearance is important. The condition of your roof is a part of curb appeal. Positive curb appeal improves the resale value of your commercial building. An attractive roof improves customer confidence in your company. Some of your clients place a high priority on dealing with businesses committed to being eco-friendly.

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Residential Roof Coating Colorado

The life of your home's low sloping roof can likely be extended when roof coating is applied. It's definitely a win for homeowners, as it allows you to avoid the pricey bills of roof repairs and replacements.

Other benefits of roof coatings include:

  • Aesthetic appearance of your home is also improved as water, chemical, and physical damages are greatly reduced.
  • Some roof coatings provide a layer of waterproofing that increases water shedding. This protects your home interiors from water damage.
  • Protective waterproofing coatings also protect your house from roof rot.
  • Roof coatings also help save energy lowering the cost of heating. Reflective roof coatings reflect visible light. This lowers roof temperatures, reducing the cost of cooling the building.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency notes that roof coatings affect the Urban Heat Island Effect, especially in urban areas. Clean white roof surfaces reflect 80% of sunlight, keeping buildings 55°F cooler than gray roof surfaces and significantly cooler than bright roofs that reflect 35% of sunlight. Using reflective roof coatings reduces the Urban Heat Island Effect even further saving energy and lowering the building’s carbon footprint.

By delaying the need for roof repair or replacement, roof coatings not only save the homeowner money. There is also a significant environmental saving. Two and a half billion square feet of roofing materials get discarded annually in America. Roofing materials are the third-largest contributor to landfills.

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What are the Costs of Roof Coating?

According to Angie’s List article, “How Much Does Roof Coating Cost Per Square Foot," you can expect to pay between a dollar fifty and three fifty a square foot for roof coating plus the cost of installing it if the existing roof is flat.

Which Roof Coating in Colorado is Best?

While roof coating has many advantages for your Colorado home or business, some coatings are more appropriate than others.

An article by Guardian Construction, “The Pros and Cons of Different Roof Coatings," notes the strengths and weaknesses of different roof coating materials.

Acrylic roof coatings are cost-effective. They are also appropriate for the Colorado climate. This water-based coating is reflective. Its ease of application makes it inexpensive to install. However, weathering thins the coating and it doesn’t work as well in areas where rain frequently ponds on the roof.

A more resistant roof coating is made of Polyurethane. There are two types:

  1. A base coat is not UV stable but it is aromatic.
  2. An aliphatic top coating adds UV stability. This type of usually more expensive.

Unlike acrylic and Polyurethane roof coatings, Silicone roof coatings do not get brittle or hard. They also fight both water ponding and erosion better than acrylic or Polyurethane coatings. Silicone coatings work better in areas where the weather is humid, too. However, silicone coatings will hold dirt. The rain washes this off. Silicone coatings will, over time, lose their reflectivity. Silicone coatings are also slippery and therefore more dangerous and time-consuming when your roof needs repair or replacement.

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How to Choose a Roof Coating Colorado Company?

If you’ve decided to have the roof of your home or commercial building coated, it is important to find an experienced, competent roof coating contractor.

Knowing how to find the right roof coating specialist often means you have to ask the right questions. Before you sign a contract, make sure the roof coating technicians are licensed and sufficiently ensured both for liability to your property and for their employees’ personal injury.

Check with people you know and trust regarding the reputation of these roofing technicians. Has someone in your neighborhood or family used this company to coat their roof? What can co-workers or relatives tell you about this company’s credibility? Additionally, it's best practice to also check the company website for testimonials. Ask for references. See what the Better Business Bureau says about them. You want a local company that is well established and highly regarded.

Ensure that the company you work with is factory certified. Use this website to check:

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