Do you have a townhouse painting project coming up?

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between a townhouse painting project and a condominium painting project? The biggest difference between a townhouse and a condominium is in the form of ownership.

Townhouse Painting

condo or condominium is a housing type that is a portion of a bigger property, which is very typically an apartment within a complex, and that which is privately owned by a homeowner. The homeowners actually own the inside of their home and the exterior (the common areas and the land) are owned by the association. All of the other joining areas of the complex are jointly owned by all of the condominium residents. Condos are typically smaller than townhomes and have higher association fees.

Townhomes or townhouses, unlike condos or condominiums, are actually distinct houses that are positioned side-by-side, and whereas one or two walls of each house are actually shared between the neighboring homes. Townhomes are typically part of an HOA that cover the maintenance of common areas, snow and trash removal, some landscaping at times and provide the common area insurance. You typically also own the land the townhome is built on and are also accountable for all of the exterior and interior upkeep. This can be confusing at times for homeowners on what they are actually responsible for maintaining. If the exterior concrete on the driveway was cracking and sinking and in need of repair, the community would typically bear that cost however if a hail storm was to damage the roof of the dwelling, you as the homeowner would need to take care of those expenses.

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