best paint colors for high traffic areas

Best Paint Color for High Traffic Areas

When choosing the best paint color for high-traffic areas of your home or office, consider which color and finish will be best suited for the

exterior paint cold weather

Exterior Painting in Cold Weather

Painting the outside of your home is obviously something that you don’t want to screw up. There are a bunch of different factors you’ll want

enamel vs latex paint

Enamel vs Latex Paint

Taking on a major paint project can be a pretty arduous task. You have to plan out how much paint you need, do all the

front door paint color ideas

Front Door Paint Color Ideas

Your front door is an extremely important part of your home’s curb appeal. Additionally, it’s one of the places of your home’s exterior where you

paint house foundation

Should I Paint My Foundation?

We get a lot of people asking about whether or not they should paint their home’s foundations. For many people, their concrete foundation walls can

environmentally friendly paint

Environmentally Friendly Paint

We Are Environmentally Conscience Painters Environmentally friendly paints are defined as having no detrimental effect on the environment, nor on society. At Colorado Commercial &

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Why Is My Paint Peeling?

Peeling paint on a house exterior is unsightly and problematic for many Colorado home owner’s. As part of our Colorado Sunshine series, we are answering

Value of Painting House Before Selling

Selling a home can be a huge undertaking. Most sellers are looking to receive above-market value for their homes, but are simply overwhelmed with projects

Average Cost to Paint a House

Average Cost to Paint a House Your friends at Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting are here to help! It is time to paint your home,

Improve Your Commercial Property

Walking Advertisement Painting your business shows that you care about your outward appearance and want to improve your commercial property. Without even being consciously aware,

Commercial Painting Improves Property Value

As a commercial property manager, it is critical to maintain the buildings you are responsible for. The outward appearance of your property can make or

Painting Problem Chalking

Painting Problem Chalking The Colorado climate is important to consider when maintaining the exterior of your property. Living at a higher elevation in Colorado, we

Painting For Investment Rental Properties

Painting for investment rental properties is critical to make sure your property always looks its best.  As a commercial property manager, you are always busy.

Benefits of Painting Your Business Building

The benefits of painting your business building are significant.  Just think, your business image is an important part of your success. You wouldn’t show up

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