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Exterior Painting Tips

Whether your home is siding, stucco, or even brick, a good paint job can transform the outward appearance of a home, add value, and even increase curb appeal. However, painting the exterior of a house is never an easy process. Painting companies often quote exterior painting jobs as premium services due to difficulty and equipment [...]

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Questions To Ask Painters

Painting is a powerful way to transform a space. If you work with a good Denver painting contractor, you can make any interior or exterior look and feel like an upgrade. However, a painting contractor must know ahead of time what the paint job will entail and, likewise, you must understand what the painter can [...]

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Typical Cost to Paint a House

Often, homeowners attempt to tackle house painting projects alone and run into the issue of unforeseen costs. What Goes into Painting a House? In order to fix, prospective clients approach a paint specialist company, like Colorado Painting, and are surprised by additional costs that require quick solutions. Sometimes, it is because they do not realize [...]

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Interior House Painting

When it comes to our homes, most prefer to set the tone of decor through the interior paint. However, our preferences change almost as quickly as the seasons. Fortunately, paint can be an easy facelift, upgrade, or simple swap-out so long as you know exactly how to tackle interior house painting. Still, professional painters like [...]

What Causes Paint to Blister?

Blistering paint is the last thing any homeowner wants to see on their newly painted walls. Unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence, especially if you live in Colorado. But what exactly causes paint to blister?  So far, in our series, we’ve discussed worse-case-scenarios for any paint job, including peeling, chalking, and fading. First, we’ll talk a [...]

Value of Painting House Before Selling

Selling a home can be a huge undertaking. Most sellers are looking to receive above-market value for their homes, but are simply overwhelmed with projects on a limited budget, especially considering that buyers will only spend a few minutes browsing a home. While there’s a lot to consider, the value of painting a house before [...]

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