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Roof Coating Colorado

Roof coating might be the best way to keep your roof in pristine shape for years to come. Here some valuable information that can help you decide of roof coating Colorado services are right for you. So what is roof coating? Thicker than paint, roof coatings are applied to protect and extend the life of [...]

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What Causes Paint to Blister?

Blistering paint is the last thing any homeowner wants to see on their newly painted walls. Unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence, especially if you live in Colorado. But what exactly causes paint to blister?  So far, in our series, we’ve discussed worse-case-scenarios for any paint job, including peeling, chalking, and fading. First, we’ll talk a [...]

Painting Cost Per Square Foot Commercial Building

A fresh coat of paint keeps your commercial property looking in tip-top condition and gives customers a fantastic first impression of your business. Additionally, your staff will be happier and more productive if they work in a well-maintained environment. But what is the painting cost per square foot of a commercial building? If it’s time [...]

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Why Is My Paint Peeling?

Peeling paint on a house exterior is unsightly and problematic for many Colorado home owner’s. As part of our Colorado Sunshine series, we are answering a frequently asked question: Why is my paint peeling? So far, in this series, we have discussed paint fading, chalking and blistering. The remaining topic here is peeling paint. First, [...]

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Painting Condos

Painting Condos Painting Condos in Denver We recently completed painting condos at the beautiful, High-Performance and High-Style Riverclay Condominiums. More specifically, we painted all of the metal railings on the balconies and beams on the façade on the entire six story, sixty-unit complex in Denver's Historic Jefferson Park.  This was a very challenging project [...]

Commercial Painters at Strip Mall

Commercial Painters   Commercial Strip Mall Painting by Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting Our commercial painters just completed this strip mall painting project in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. It's surprising how painting can enhance the entire look and feel of a strip mall. Although the total return on investment from painting is not always easy to calculate, it is [...]

Denver Commercial Painting

Denver Commercial Painting Denver Children's Museum painting project Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting just completed the Denver Children's Museum painting project before the cold weather arrived.  It's always a pleasure to perform commercial painting in and around fun and energetic environments and we found this to be the case at the Children's Museum of Denver. [...]

Award Winning Painters

Award Winning Painters Working For You     Back-to-Back Angie's List Super Service Award Winner Back-to-Back Better Business Bureau Gold Star Painting Company Winner Colorado Commercial & Residential Painting has done it again! They continue to uphold their high standards for painting that has enabled them to be back-to-back award recipients of both the Angie's List Super Service Award and [...]

HOA Painting

HOA Painting at its finest.  Colorado Commercial Residential Painting just finished this HOA painting project in which we completed all of the exterior metal/railing at this townhome complex. Our electrostatic, wall covering, and interior and exterior painting services,  could give your housing development or complex the face lift it needs.

Arvada Fire Station Painting

Arvada Fire Station Painting and Staining We all know how neat, organized and meticulous employees of the Fire Department are. This not only entails  hard work but great attention to detail. The finish must also be very durable since firefighters are training regularly on site. We completed the ground up interior and exterior Arvada Fire Station Painting and Staining [...]